Monday 23 September 2019

Cult Of Luna - A Dawn To Fear (Album Review)

Release date: September 20th 2019. Label: Metal Blade Record, Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

A Dawn To Fear – Tracklisting

1.The Silent Man 10:36 video
2.Lay Your Head to Rest 06:23
3.A Dawn to Fear 08:53
4.Nightwalkers 10:48
5.Lights on the Hill 15:07
6.We Feel the End 07:06
7.Inland Rain 07:00
8.The Fall 13:13


Magnus LĂ­ndberg
Johannes Persson
Andreas Johansson
Thomas Hedlund
Fredrik Kihlberg
Kristian Karlsson


Following on from their triumphant collaboration album Mariner with Julie Christmas, Cult Of Luna return with the eagerly anticipated A Dawn To Fear and it has been more than worth the long wait for this album. While Mariner had all you would hope for with a Cult Of Luna release, we’re talking the vast and transcending soundscapes that the band are renowned for and also had the added bonus of Julie Christmas sublime vocals and it made for a compelling and all encompassing listen. That album did whet the appetites for a brand new Cult Of Luna album from all of those who listened to it and thankfully those prayers have been answered with A Dawn To Fear.

Opening track The Silent Man is a statement of intent from Cult Of Luna from the get go and signals that the band are truly back where they belong, the song ranks as one of the heaviest things that they’ve ever released and grabs you as soon as it begins. The track has a very cathartic feel to it and from the heaviness, something grows and the track just builds and builds before ending with a soaring feelings d it feels great to hear the band play with such passion.

The triumphant Lay Your Head To Rest follows and continues the quality from that opening salvo with another epic song and shows that the band are still on par with the high standards they’ve set themselves in the past, constantly evolving but also reassuringly familiar sounding.

The albums title track is a sprawling epic track with whispered vocals aplenty over an epic soundscape that takes in many twists and turns while Nightwalkers combine formidable heaviness with an air of aural menace with Johannes Persson giving his vocal chords a workout when they come into play and shows what a powerful singer he is.

The monumental Lights On The Hill is A Dawn To Fears centrepiece and demonstrates exactly what makes Cult Of Luna such an immense band, with every facet of the bands brilliance is combined into this track. From then on, the band slow it down with the mournful We Feel The End Before the Power gets turned up again with Inland Rain, a track that builds and builds again before climaxing with a fearsome heaviness.

The album ends with the thirteen minute epic, The Fall and this song is the perfect way to end the album. Initially starting off as a downbeat hymn, the track morphs into a mixture of heavy and epic before ending in the most triumphant fashion that will leave you breathless and sees off the album in fine style, and you will be wanting to experience the whole thing again, from start to finish.

The songs themselves on the album are epic, perfectly paced and demonstrate exactly how far Cult If Luna have come when it comes to crafting songs.

With A Dawn To Fear, Cult Of Luna have made an album that is emotional, vast and the heaviest thing they have done to date and they’ve done it with a mixture of passion and assured confidence, not many band can go away for a number of years and come back with something as devastatingly strong as this album.

This album is a statement of intent from Cult Of Luna and it feels great to have them back so sit down, listen and let A Dawn To Fear utterly captivate and consume you with its epic nature

Words by Gavin Brown

A Dawn To Fear is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl now via Metal Blade Records.