Friday 8 May 2020

Red Moon Shaman Premiere new single/video for Pale Rider

Red Moon Shaman sign to Retro Vox Records; Premiere new single/video Pale Rider

Red Moon Shaman 
(featuring ex members of King Mastino and Dead Swamp) is an heavy space rock band based on La Spezia.

Alessio (guitars, vocals) and Holly (bass) in the fall of 2019 started to rehearse, after they left King Mastino. Andrea (drums, ex Dead Swamp) joined the two band mates at the drum and they immediately find their groove based on desert rock, space rock influences, under the Shaman’s order, they will try to spread a new sound sensation.

Their debut album is currently in the works and slated for release in 2021 for Retro Vox Records

You can hear the fantastic new song - Pale Rider - from the band below:

Thanks to Marco at Metaversus PR for all of the info.