Sunday 3 May 2020

MOOCH - HOUNDS (Album Review)

Release date: April 20th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Hounds – Tracklisting

1.Mantra 04:05
2.She's a Black Hole 04:12
3.Blues Man's Face 04:08
4.Lucid 01:27
5.Torn Up 03:23
6.Super Big Things 03:44
7.Giant Lady Fingers 04:07
8.Feel Good 03:35
9.Resident Sleeper 03:01
10.Hounds 04:47


Ben Cornel - Guitar, Vocals
Alex Segreti - Drums, Backing Vocals
Julian Iacovantuono - Bass, Backing Vocals
Special Guest - Joe Segreti - Lap Steel Guitar


Canadian Stoner Rock Outfit MOOCH have aimed big with their debut album – Hounds. As the band employed Desert/Stoner Rock icons Bubba Dupree and Brant Bjork to produce this album. Bubba Dupree even mixes the album. So this album has Stoner Rock running through it’s DNA and that only adds to MOOCH Stoner Rock credentials in releasing a great Psychedelic Stoner Rock album that even has shades of Heavy Blues Rock which gives this album a lot of soul to match.

Hounds is quite an easy-going album to listen to with MOOCH having an addictive nature to their music but the band are equally adapt at playing heavy Desert/Stoner Rock grooves with a dirty grunge undergroove driving their music along the way. The album has a vintage/classic feel to it with the band focusing on the Hard Rock sounds of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s whilst holding a modern sound as well.

The lead vocals from Ben have a delightful throwback vibe to them with a Desert Rock outlook that allows this album to have a vibrant approach. The top-notch production allows MOOCH to be supremely confident from start to finish no matter what style of Rock music they employ on this album.

You would assume with Brant Bjork being involved that MOOCH would employ a KYUSS style delivery or influence on this album but the band take influence from bands such as The Doors, Led Zepp and Soundgarden to the more legendary Stoner Rock bands and that’s another great reason why MOOCH deserver your attention.

The songs held on MOOCH are creatively different to each other with many different variants of Desert/Stoner Rock being used and offering a fresh perspective on the old tired cliches we hear within the Stoner Rock scene. Especially on songs such as: She’s A Black Hole, Blues Man Face, Torn Up, Giant Lady Fingers, Resident Sleeper and Hounds.

Though it’s the overall musical journey that MOOCH take the listener upon that’s the real standout here with Hounds being a step-up above the normal debut Stoner Rock albums that have been released recently.

My advice is take a chance on MOOCH and you will be listening to this album for days. If they’re good enough for Brant Bjork and Bubba Dupree then MOOCH deserve your god-damn attention…..

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe