Tuesday 23 February 2021

Cancervo - 1 (Album Review)

Release Date: 26th February 2021. Record Label: Electric Valley Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

1 - Tracklisting




Cancervo is a Psych Stoner Rock Band from Italy who specialize in the art form of Instrumental Stoner Metal who take influence from bands such as Black Sabbath, Cream and SLEEP. Though, these guys like to throw elements of Psych Rock, Doom Metal and Space Rock with the music having a hidden Post-Rock flow to it all.

Their debut album I offers six tracks of Progressive based Stoner Metal with no vocals in sight and the album becomes a better experience because of that. The music is constantly dense, heavy and eerily atmospheric with Cancervo relishing with their dark Psychedelic grooves.

The opening song - Cancervo -takes time for the band to fully find their voice with echoes of distorted Drone, Doom, Fuzz and Stoner Metal being played in their own unique way by the band. The song runs past the 7 minutes mark and you can hear a deep love and appreciation for 70’s Hard Rock/Metal to standout from the Instrumental Rock/Metal crowd. 

Second song - Averara - carries on with the slow-paced and atmospheric Doom/Stoner based rhythms. There’s a “Pelican-esque” feel to this song with the band slowly deciding which direction to take this song upon. The heavy grooves come within time and it’s a refreshing style of music that combines Black Sabbath classic energy and modern day Fuzz/Stoner grooves. The cinematic Post-Rock vibes are never too far behind as the Psychedelic nature of the album fully takes over for a more confident style of music.

Third song - Aralalta - has the added extra bonus of creepy soundbytes with slowly played riffs which once again sees Cancervo take a slightly caustic approach to their music,  The heavy Post-Doom grooves slowly gathers pace with the instrumental work once again being played superbly by all involved. This is one of the standout tracks on the album and the excellent showmanship comes alive when the band focus more on the Stoner Metal parts of the record,

The remaining 3 songs on the album carry on the winning style of music with Darco and 1987 being the other standout tracks on the album. Though, SWLABR is no slouch either in the riffs department. The 2nd half of the album perhaps offers the heaviest moments on the album but overall, this album is a superbly made album with Cancervo impressing every step of the way.

Overall, 1 is a delightfully heavy and progressive sounding album that offers an exciting blast of intense Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Qabar PR and Electric Valley Records for the promo. 1 will be available to buy on Vinyl/Digital via Electric Valley Records from February 26th 2021.


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