Monday 8 February 2021

MATHER - This Is The Underground (Album Review)

Release date: April 26th 2020. Label: Violence In The Veins Psych. Format: CD/Vinyl

This Is The Underground – Tracklisting

1.On 01:32
2.Recoil 05:31
3.A night to remember, a day to forget 09:46
4.Give in 02:36
5.Sympathy for the gods 06:53
6.Co-Lapse 13:23
7.Engine 08:13


This Is The Underground from Greek Psych Prog Rockers MATHER which was originally released back in April 2020. I missed the album’s original release but the cool folks over at Violence In The Veins are releasing this album on CD/Vinyl and it’s given me a chance to listen to this album.

The album is a mixture of solid hooks and grooves that explore the Heavy Rock spectrum with MATHER playing more Spaced Out style of Prog Rock/Metal. The Atmospheric Sounds and Cosmic ideas allows MATHER to bring in heavier Doom/Stoner based elements to the mix with the album being progressive and heavier at the same time.

I haven’t seen many reviews of this album around but there’s a lot going for it. Excellent ideas from start to finish with MATHER fleshing out their sound on perhaps the more lengthier compositions such as: “A Night To Remember, A Day To Forget”, Sympathy For The Gods, Co-Lapse and Engine compared to the other tracks on the album.

Though, overall this album is a welcome addition to the other cool Hard Rock/Metal albums making themselves known recently over the last few years within the Greek scene.

Violence In The Veins have given this album the Vinyl Treatment and it’s a must-have release for all serious Prog-Rock/Metal fans.

Words by Steve Howe

This Is The Underground is now available to buy on CD/Vinyl now via Violence In The Veins.


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