Wednesday 24 February 2021

Acid Mammoth - Caravan (Album Review)

Release date: March 05th 2021. Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Caravan – Tracklisting

Berserker (5:01)
Psychedelic Wasteland (8:53)
Ivory Towers (6:18)
Caravan (11:07)
Black Dust (8:57)


Chris Babalis Jr. – Vocals, Guitars
Chris Babalis Sr. – Guitars
Dimosthenis Varikos – Bass
Marios Louvaris – Drums


Acid Mammoth are quickly becoming my favourite band from the Greek Doom/Stoner Metal scene with their style of heavy and spaced out grooves which becomes better with each album they release. It’s hard to believe that Caravan is their 3rd full length album. I remember being impressed by their self titled debut album back in 2017 and then releasing their even better follow-up with 2020’s Under Acid Hoof.

Caravan is more of the same style of music from their last album but perhaps heavier, gloomier, progressive and even daring in all of the right places. Taking Sabbathian sounds and bring a Space Rock perspective to the classic style of Doom/Stoner Metal the band are known for. It’s good to see the band continuing their excellent relationship with Heavy Psych Sounds Records for this album.

Opening song – Berserker – is full of GIGANTIC sounds like both the song title and band name suggests with powerful Occult style imagery being played with dynamic flair and epic progressive vibes along the way. The vocals from Chris Jr have shades of that classic “DOOM” persona that’s becoming quite distinctive and popular nowadays. I will admit these are my favourite style of vocals. As they are quite distinctive and pack a mighty punch for the great riffs the band play on this song and the entire album.

Acid Mammoth have brought a mightier and powerful level of DISTORTED FUZZ compared to their previous releases and the Psychedelic elements of Caravan give a more nomadic feel as well which the band use to their advantage on the next 2 superb songs Psychedelic Wasteland and Ivory Towers.

Psychedelic Wasteland offers almost 9 minutes of FUZZED OUT Doom/Stoner Metal that starts with a slow paced guitar before the powerful drumming of Marios brings a more filtered approach. The instrumental work is quite forceful in all the right places before Acid Mammoth settle down playing Occult based Doom/Stoner grooves.

Third track – Ivory Towers – continues with the slow-pounding hybrid Doom/Stoner Metal sound that offers some of the heaviest sounds of the entire album. There is a vintage SABBATH influence ruling the roost here but still allowing Acid Mammoth dictating their own rebellious blend of music. The lyrics are superb with Chris Jr offering more of his excellent and highly confident vocals.

The final two songs – Caravan and Black Dust – sees Acid Mammoth offer 20 minutes of Progressive and Riff Driven modern Doom/Stoner Metal with Caravan being perhaps the best song the band have released to date. It’s quite a daring song with Acid Mammoth offering a different style of music than before.

With these 5 songs, Acid Mammoth have proven they are one of the best bands from the European Doom/Stoner Metal scene. I can see these guys making major strides on the international stage with this album when the world gets back to some sort of normality when COVID-19 is fully under control.

Caravan is another welcome addition to Acid Mammoth’s already highly impressive back catalogue but perhaps stands out as their most creative and exciting release to date. This is definitely an album of the year contender from Acid Mammoth. Be sure to join the party when the album is released.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Purple Sage PR and All Noir PR for the promo. Caravan will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds Records from March 5th 2020.


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