Saturday 6 February 2021

Kylver - The Plague Tapes (Album Review)

Release date: February 05th 2021. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

The Plague Tapes – Tracklisting

1.The Mountain Has Ghosts - Live 14:11
2.Hy-Brasil - Live 05:13
3.Allghoi - Live 13:04 
4.The Great Storm of 1703 - Live 14:01
5.Monolith - Live 11:28
6.The Dance of the Mountain Ghost - Live 06:13
7.The Frozen Sands - Live 12:51


Jonny Scott (Guitar)
Barry Micherson (Drums)
James Bowmaker (Bass)
James Hill (Keys)


It’s been 4 years since UK, Post-Rock/Post-Metallers Kylver released their last album back in October 2016 with The Island. Kylver are from my home-town of Newcastle Upon Tyne and I’ve seen them a few times over the years and always have time for their blend of Post-Rock/Post-Metal which fuses other areas of music such as Psych Rock, Prog Rock and Cinematic Rock.

The band have just released The Plague Tapes. The Plague Tapes is described below:

Kylver present ‘The Plague Tapes’, a collection of live recordings encompassing music from the bands two previously released studio albums, ‘The Mountain Ghost’ and ‘The Island’ as well as two new unreleased tracks: 'Allghoi' and 'The Frozen Sands'.

This “LIVE” performance was recorded in the iconic North East venue – The Cluny – back in August 2020 and sees the band play through a collection of the best tracks from the bands 1st two albums as well as including two new songs – Allghoi and The Frozen Sands.

This album is a great representation on how Kylver actually sound on the LIVE stage. The band’s Progressive Post-Rock/Post-Metal sound does take time to fully get going as there lots of different textures and themes to get accustomed to. Though, if you’re a fan of bands such as PELICAN, RUSSIAN CIRCLES and WE LOST THE SEA then you’ll soon be right at home.

The live performance itself is superbly recorded and is perhaps the perfect introduction for first-time listeners to become aware of this great band. The album is quite progressive with the many different styles of music the band play on each song.

The real bonus of the live album is to hear the 2 new tracks Kylver have included within the set with Allghoi and The Frozen Sands offering 26 minutes of new material from the band. Allghoi and The Frozen Sands are most definitely the standout moments for myself. Both songs offering a bleaker and doomier narrative compared to other things that Kylver have written previously.

The Frozen Sands is perhaps the best song from the new collection with Kylver showing they have changed their creative style in places and I adored the “Eastern” vibes heard on the song whilst retaining their classic Post-Rock/Post-Metal identity.

The band were going to record their 3rd album in 2020 but as they said recently: “Restricted access to rehearsal space, studio time and everything else the pandemic brought with it forced the band to rethink their plans, use what resources were available to them.

The Plague Tapes is a thrilling Live Album that showcases the true talent and relentless nature of Kylver with a powerful performance that everyone should listen to.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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