Saturday 13 February 2021

Christopher Steve - Taken By The Tide (Album Review)

Release date: February 26th 2021. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Taken By The Tide – Tracklisting

1.Sacred Catharsis
2.Foot On The Gas 
3.Denial Or Delight
4.Taken By The Tide
5.I Am A Clinic Escort 
6.American Ruins
7.I Medicate
8.Break For You
9.My Next Meal


Chris Latta – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, and Percussion
David Gabe – Guitar solo on Sacred Catharsis
Jessie May – Cello on Denial Or Delight and Taken By The Tide
Brandon Signorino – Mandolin on I Am A Clinic Escort, first guitar solo on Eternity
Patrick Phillips – Electric Guitar and Synth on American Ruins
Freddie Rodriguez – Keyboard on Break For You
Max Barber – Second guitar solo on Eternity


Taken By The Tide is the new full length and solo record by Christopher Steve. Who is better known as Chris Latta. Chris used to be part of Doom/Stoner Rockers – Spirit Division – who sadly called it a day not so long ago. This is the first musical output I’ve heard from Chris since the last Spirit Division album and I was kind of expecting a more Doom Folk orientated album which Doom Metal musicians seem to go for when going solo and that’s no bad thing. I love the solo albums from artists such as Scott Kelly, WINO and Steve Von Till.

Taken By The Tide is an Experimental Doom Folk album with Chris trying many different styles of music I haven’t heard from him before. The album is mostly acoustic with the songs varying from Acoustic Folk to more Doom and Gloom style Americana based songs. The album is quite dark in places but that’s perhaps the fucked-up nature of the world we’re currently living in.

The opening few songs – Sacred Catharsis, Foot On The Gas and Denial Of Delight – offer a gloomy outlook with the lyrics rooted in Americana/Folk Rock with elements of Scott Kelly and WINO’s recent solo work. The instrumental work is splendidly LO-FI and gives Chris the chance to shine within the vocals and lyrical department. Chris calls on some his musician friends to help him with this musical journey and everyone puts in top-notch performances when they appear on certain songs held on the album.

The album can be quite spooky, psychedelic and surreal in places with Chris adapting a more sinister vocal performance on the excellent 3rd song – Denial Of Delight. It shows many different sides to Chris and I feel this album was quite a therapeutic process for Chris when recording the album. The heartfelt lyrics offer a brief insight into what Christopher is thinking and feeling.

Standout tracks are: Denial Of Delight, Taken By The Tide, American Ruins, My Next Meal and Eternity.

I admired the diverse range of musical influences I could detect on this record with artists such as Alice In Chains, WINO, Scott Kelly and Neil Young. Chris would probably tell me that I’m looking far too much into things but I can here elements of those legendary artists.

The production is quite solitary but it’s the best production levels needed for an album such as this. As this is quite an intense and emotionally charged album for Chris to release. I don’t know if the Spirit Division fan-base will like this album but I’m hopeful they will. As this is an album with many great riffs and sounds to impress folks with.

Taken By The Tide is an exciting record for Chris to release. It’s powerfully dynamic and offers a refreshing change of pace from this hugely talented individual.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Chris for the promo. Taken By The Tide will be available to buy on DD from February 26th 2021.