Monday 15 February 2021

Soothsayer Orchestra - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: May 05th 2020. Label: Lay Bare Recordings Sounds. Format: DD/Vinyl

Soothsayer Orchestra – S/T – Tracklisting

1.Rise Gomorrah Rise 04:42
2.Black Velvet Deathbed 04:20
3.Euryale 03:53 
4.Dead Lovers Eden 03:49 
5.Heavenseeker 03:48 
6.The Gallow Awaits 03:04 
7.The Rooster Calls 03:37 
8.Bethlehymn 01:39 
9.Amidst the Coiling Snakes 04:54 


PLH Hendriks - Everything


Soothsayer Orchestra new album was originally released back in May 2020 and I missed the album when it was released. Now giving a well deserved Vinyl Release courtesy of the fine folks over at Lay Bare Recordings. This album is a dark mix of Alternative Rock, Folk Rock and Americana. The album is quite gloomy with it’s overall themes and musical structures.

The album is not the easiest thing to listen to but PLH Hendriks the mastermind behind this album weaves a dark tale across 9 wickedly entertaining tracks. The album can be quite “Doom” with PLH Hendriks adapting a mysterious “Noir” based narrative for the majority of his lyrics and that opens the album to some bleak sounding Psych Rock and Blues Rock elements appearing.

Songs range from acoustic rock ballads to more energetic almost Stoner Rock grooves. The album is always constantly changing and has a deep exterior to it all. The instruments are quite varied on the record with PLH Hendriks playing everything himself.

Standout songs include: Black Velvet Deathbed, Euryale, Dead Lovers Eden, Heavenseeker and Amidst The Coiling Snakes.

PLH Hendriks makes a grand use of ambient soundscapes that was quite refreshing to hear and sets this album to be very different from the other “one-man band” albums I’ve heard recently.

Soothsayer Orchestra debut album is a mighty fine and impressive album with superb production values. The album does sound claustrophobic in places but it’s matches the dark mood and mysterious energy the album wholly contains from start to finish.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy the album on Vinyl from Lay Bare Recordings.