Tuesday 9 February 2021

DayGlo Mourning - Dead Star (Album Review)

Release Date: 12th February 2021. Record Label: Black Doomba Records. Formats: CD/DD

Dead Star - Tracklisting

Dead Star
The Offering
Faithful Demise
Witch’s Ladder

Band Members

Ray Miner - Drums
Jerimy McNeil - Bass, Vocals
Joseph Mills - Guitar, Vocals


Dead Star is the new album from Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metallers DayGlo Mourning and continues their raucous blend of heavy groove and beer-fuelled sounds which whilst not exactly groundbreaking is still a welcome addition to the ever-growing bands playing action packed music such as this.

The album runs for around 35 minutes and DayGlo Mourning manage to find the time within each track to play an addictive style of Heavy Doom Rock with splashes of Psychedelic Rock with a lean and mean Space Rock attitude to match.

Opening song - Dead Star - is a great song to open the album with. As it gives the band the perfect opportunity to play their own style of aggressive Doom/Stoner Metal with a stripped back High On Fire style Sludgy atmosphere holding everything together. The instrumental work is excellent whilst the vocals offer a more “real” sound and that’s what I enjoyed most about this album. DayGlo Mourning keeps things mighty real despite the heavier Psychedelic and Spaced Out parts of the album giving them the creative freedom to run amok with the albums trippiest themes but the band keep everything “REAL”.

Second song - The Offering - is more slow-paced with mellow guitars and drums leading the way. The vocals have a distant effect to them which instantly draws you in but it’s the music keeping your attention with the promise of bigger and better things. The song explodes briefly with an aggressive outburst of flashy sludgy guitars but the band keep the mood at a slow pace before playing faster paced modern Doom riffs with a slightly claustrophobic edge.

Third song - Bloodghast - offers the longest and best track on the album. DayGlo Mourning continue their strong performance from the previous song and bring a more solidified modern gloomy Stoner Metal atmosphere but with a Progressive flair. The song is LOUD and DOOMS ON with heavy grooves being the best part of the album.

The 2nd half of the album sees DayGlo Mourning shine even brighter with more epic sounding guitars that bring the manic energy of High On Fire and Mastodon to the party but given a slightly modern Doom/Stoner Metal makeover. Ashwhore and Witche’s Ladder allows the band the perfect opportunity to play classic Doom/Stoner Metal riffs whilst bringing their own great ideas and themes to the party.

Dead Star is another excellent album from the band and offers 35 minutes of top-notch entertainment that provides everything you want from a thoroughly modern Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Dewar PR for the promo. Dead Star will be available to buy on CD/DD via Black Doomba Records from February 12th 2021.


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