Tuesday 11 May 2021

GEEZER - Solstice (Song Review)

Release Date: May 07th 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD.

Solstice - Tracklisting

Solstice - 17:05


I’m always excited when Cosmic Stoner Blues Rockers GEEZER release new material and they released a fantastic 17 minute song by the name of Solstice for BandCamp Friday. The boys recorded an improvised jam session from their rehearsal space and this is the trippy and heavy result. GEEZER were probably playing in the moment when this was originally recorded. This is a different side to GEEZER we don’t hear that much and is perhaps similar to their “A Flagrant Disregard For Happiness” live session than their studio output.

The song builds up rather slowly with spaced out guitars and a trippy blues rock atmosphere with the band adding psychedelic noise along the way. It’s best to enjoy the song and go for the ride. There’s no vocals on this release just GEEZER proving once again what fantastic musicians they really are.

Solstice is a heavy record but perhaps a different kind of heaviness that we normally expect from GEEZER. Though it’s good to see the band playing a different and more subdued style of music compared to their usual sound. 

This release is perhaps better suited for long-time fans of the band though there is a lot to recommend for first time listeners of the band as well. This song gives a brief glimpse to what GEEZER are famed for and can be used as a starting point to check out their acclaimed releases.. 

Overall, Solstice is another great release from GEEZER and one that has superb hidden depths to it all for people to explore and admire.

Words by Steve Howe


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