Saturday 28 May 2022

Gramma Vedetta - The Hum Of The Machine (Album Review)

Release Date: May 27th 2022. Record Label: Mandrone Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

The Hum Of The Machine - Tracklisting

1.A Chance To Win The Orb 06:23

2.Starlight Portal Show 05:26

3.Robots For War 04:57

4.A Broken Time Machine 03:18

5.The Electric Game 05:15

6.The Future Of The Past 05:18

7.Transmission's On 07:16

8.The General Magnetic and The Spanish Wormhole 05:03

9.I Feel The Comfort (The Hum Of The Machine) 05:01


The Hum Of The Machine is the new album from UK based, Psych/Stoner Rockers Gramma Vedetta. The album is a concept album of sorts fused with the power of Science Fiction and Fantastical ideas that allow the band to build a wonderfully creative and powerful folklore narrative of their own. The music is a lean, mean and muscular style of Psych Stoner Metal that will appeal to fans of Nebula, Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath and Black Rainbows.

The band have gone down the progressive route for this album but the music is all done in the best possible Stoner Metal way with cool flourishes of Psych Rock and Spaced Out Rock. The album has a powerful “retro” vibe without being described as “retro rock” or “classic rock”. 

There is a powerful selection of standout tracks such as: A Chance To Win The Orb, Straight Portal Show, Robots For War, The Electric Game, Transmission’s On and I Feel The Comfort (The Hum Of The Machine) that show how Gramma Vedetta explore many different areas of modern day Psych/Stoner Metal that’s breathtakingly original in places. Especially when strands of Ambient Rock and Post-Rock appear that can be buried under heavy amounts of Stoner based grooves.

Throw in a few “doom & gloom” based elements and the album has many similarities to the classic 80's Animated Science Fiction movie “Heavy Metal”. The album takes a similar structure to that film with separate stories showing the wilder side of Stoner Rock/Metal.

The instrumental work resides mostly in modern day sounds but Gramma Vedetta are quite adept at playing 70s' Classic Hard Rock/Heavy Rock on certain parts of the album. The vocals are varied and there are multiple different styles on the album. All brilliantly sung from start to finish with the fantastical OTT lyrics allowing Gramma Vedetta to be one of the more creative bands within the underground scene.

The production is excellent with everything sounding first rate from start to finish. This allows The Hum Of The Machine to be Gramma Vedetta's most complete record to date. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to C Squared for the promo.

The Hum Of The Machine Work will be available to buy now on DD/Vinyl via Mandrone Records.


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