Friday 20 May 2022

Band To Check Out - THOT. Details Of Upcoming Live Session Included

THOT are a Post-Rock/Post-Punk band from Brussels, Belgium and they have been playing their own blend of highly original style of gloomy music since 2010. I've been a fan for long time and over that time the band have played darker styles of Industrial based Post-Rock which have moved further into Post-Punk elements over the years.

The band have released a string of fantastic sounding releases over the years such as this year's Meanderes, Obscured By The Wind, FLEUVE and multiple others which you can check out on their impressive BandCamp Page.

I have featured the band multiple times on the blog over the years and maybe known to some of you. If you're looking for a darker take on the standard Post-Rock surroundings but one that elevates to darker pastures then THOT are worth checking out.

Maybe not the usual stuff I normally promote here but these guys are definitely worth your time

THOT have an upcoming online streaming session where the band will play 3 songs from their new EP Meandres in a very narrative way, using a different video setup for each song.

The screening will be followed by online Q&A session/chat with the band.

You can find more about this session from their official website