Monday 1 August 2022

Desert/Stoner Rock Artist LAZER BEAM Announces Plans To Release 3 New EP's In 2022.

Desert/Stoner Rock Artist LAZER BEAM (Locust French) who gained acclaim from the underground scene with his 2021  self-titled release has this great announcement to make. 

I will be releasing music for the remainder of this year in chapters. I tend to find myself sporadically writing and recording music, sometimes super heavy, sometimes super pop heavy, sometimes laid back, other times aggressive. At this time I find that I have amassed quite a large catalogue, but don't want to just drop 20 songs at once, I also don't want to split it into 2 albums, because by next year I feel it would be too long of a wait for fans. 

So with that being said I've started to put together these EP's that kind of flow into each other, first I wanted to kick off my releases with a track called Nothing 2 Smoke. It didn't quite fit with the rest sonically, but I thought it would be a fun song to kick off the new music with. It comes out August 5th.

The Man In The House EP is a dingy and grimey 2am party starter with songs about going out drinking, roller skating, getting lost in the euphoria. But there always seems to be a dark turn. Man In The House comes out September 2nd.

The Lost In Oblivion EP is my collection of pop songs, structurally and melodically strong songs with themes of lost romance. Lost In Oblivion comes out September 30th.

The Derelict EP is a slower paced collection with more progressive type songwriting, including a guest appearance from singer PATRON on the title track Derelict. It includes a revision of a previously released song, and a cover of The Devil Makes 3's The Graveyard. Derelict comes out October 28th.

I'm very proud to share it with you all.

Background Info on the music and credits:

Most songs were recorded in my short bus (Ullyses) at the 300 level in Jerome, Arizona powered by a small inverter generator. If you listen closely you can hear the generator in the mix still which I thought was a fun easter egg type thing.

Artwork by Dylan Zon

Music was written and recorded and mixed by Lucust French, with mixes by Chris Hughes on tracks: Man In The House, Skate On By, Really Want You, Lower Your Guns, & Derelict.

Drums were recorded at Bird and Egg Studios in Richmond, CA.

Thanks to Locust for all of the details.