Wednesday 31 August 2022

King Legba & The Loas - The Storm Will Scream Your Name // new single & video

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"A song about transience, change and what carries us through difficult times.- Tobias Glanzmann / King Legba & The Loas

The new EP "Shine A Light" will be out on September 23rd 2022. Preorder now on 10" vinyl or CD 

The band teamed up with Tomas Skogsberg again. The result is a wild witches brew of fuzzed out guitars, thundering drums, walls of bass guitar and hypnotizing vocals. This time complemented with a psychedelic component unheard on the bands previous releases. “Shine a Light” takes the listener on a journey through a landscape of eclectic songs, which wander between Stoner Rock, blues soaked Sixties-Fuzz-Psychedelic and the Seattle Rock of the 90's.

You can watch the video for the new song below:

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