Friday 26 August 2022

Supernaut - Souls Awaken (Album Review)

Release Date: August 19th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Souls Awaken - Tracklisting

1.Resist The Urge 04:01

2.Raven's Call 04:32

3.Ghosts Surround Me 06:09

4.The Throne of Atahualpa 05:17

5.Black Claw 03:41

6.Brain Slow 03:52

7.Kaleidoscope 09:20

8.Monolith 03:19

9.Empty Stage 04:00


Oliver Niemann-Guitar

Sean Niemann-Drums and Vocals

Will Iermini-Bass and Vocals


Souls Awaken is the third album from Santa Cruz, Californian Psych Stoner Metallers Supernaut and this journey is their most gloomiest and aggressive yet. The opening song Resist The Urge has vocals that are quite frantic and perhaps not fitting for a Stoner Metal band after your first experience with the album. The vocals feel more in common with bands from the Hardcore Punk and Sludge Metal scenes. There’s a more “DOOM” based approach with this song and the band plays a “THRASH” apocalyptic vibe on this song alone.

The album still retains a constant Psych Stoner Metal presence that has a raw sound and vital approach within the music especially over the next few songs Resist The Urge, Raven’s Call and Ghosts Surround Me.

The production values are handled superbly well but still allowing Supernaut into having a solitary DIY sound on certain stages of the album. The instrumental work is excellent with the band moving further into Progressive based territory and even Post-Doom or Post-Stoner vibes that serve Supernaut superbly well.

The lyrics constantly embrace a LIGHT vs DARK approach despite what genre of music that Supernaut plays on this album. Alt Rock, Punk Rock, Doom Metal, Psych Metal and their main focus being Stoner Metal. 

Souls Awaken does lose its way towards the end of their musical journey but the band play out with the two standout tracks on the album being Monolith and Empty Stage.

Overall, Supernaut have released a stirring musical adventure that journeys into the darker depths of Psych Stoner Metal. 

Words by Steve Howe


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