Tuesday 9 August 2022

Highwalker - S/T (Album Review)

Release Date: July 29th 2022. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD

Highwalker - S/T - Tracklisting

Burning Temple

The Hermit

Under The Twin Suns

The Final Trench Run


Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metallers Highwalker self-titled debut album spans four songs and runs for around thirty three minutes. The band play a gloomy style of Instrumental Metal where the icy cold Psychedelic exteriors melt away to a distorted and down-tuned blend of Doom/Stoner Metal. Inspired by bands such as Pelican, SLEEP and CONAN though the band play at a much slower pace. The music is multi-layered and progressive at the same time.

Opening song Burning Temple offers a cinematic escape where Highwalker brings early-era Mastodon sounding aggression with the long drawn out grooves and hard hitting drums. The band starts playing FUZZ based guitars and elements of sludgy Post-Rock vibes. The guitars move into nineties Stoner/WEEDIAN territory and the ice cold flow of the record remains fully focused for Highwalker to deliver extended musical jams.  The band ultimately start playing AMPLIFIER WORSHIP and LOW & SLOW based music with Psych Metal vibes before the song ends on a more glitch free environment.

Second song The Hermit opens with a more laid back groove with cool solitary guitars and flashes of  Psych Rock and Post-Rock noises. The song fully moves up a gear when Highwalker plays a heavy blend of WEEDIAN based distorted rhythms. The instrumental work can be quite JAZZY in tone and nature with the song becoming quite melodic before the closing moments of the song. The distorted glitches make another brief appearance that allows the song to close naturally.

Third song Under The Twin Suns starts quietly yet again with Highwalker merging Ambient Post Rock rhythms and Post-Stoner chill out grooves. The music can be quite laid back and therapeutic in places with Highwalker confidently playing cool guitar sounds that loses its way when the FUNK based jams appear. Though the song is ultimately saved by a classical style of Stoner Metal appearing and allowing HIghwalker to play a more aggressive sound that features some of the heaviest parts of the album.

Fourth song The Final Trench Run is a more traditional Doom/Stoner Metal track with Highwalker still allowing themselves the chance to play the albums earlier Psych Rock and Post-Rock sounds. This track is downright catchy and full of aggressive tones that ends the album on an exciting finish.

For a debut album, this is an assured and confident release that should allow the band to make themselves known within the underground scene.

Words by Steve Howe

Highwalker's self-titled debut release is available to buy now on CD/DD via Argonauta Records.


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