Monday 8 August 2022

Lazer Beam - Man In The House (EP Review)

Release Date: September 02nd 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Man In The House - Tracklisting

Man In The House

Night Life Fever

Roller Queen


Locust French - Everything


Man In The House is the first of three releases that Desert/Stoner Rock Artist Lazer Beam will be releasing in the next few months which Locust announced the other day. The EP lasts for ten minutes and sees a different creative vibe to Lazer Beam debut album.

Opening song Man In The House is quite “Pop” orientated with a gloomy industrial NIN and QOTSA feel. The song has glitchy soundytes with a deep Electronica sound. The lyrics are not what I expected from the Lazer Beam project. There’s a violent feeling contained within the lyrics and the Electronica vibe is not exactly Desert/Stoner Rock material. However, Locust has made some daring and bold creative choices on this song.

Second song Night Life Fever continues with the Industrial/Electronica approach with the song being very Stoner Rock orientated with sludgy grooves and modern day QOTSA inspired vocals. The lyrics are more rebellious and less violent compared to the opening song. This is the standout track on the EP and shows another different side to Lazer Beam. Psychedelic Grooves are more powerful thanks to the Industrial/Electronica sounds that Locust plays primarily here.

The final song Roller Queen is full of seedy attitude and with a  cool “Jim Morrison” and “Dave Wyndorf” inspired attitude on the spoken word elements of the song. Lazer Beam plays wicked sounding STONER/WEEDIAN sounds on this track and it can be downright funky in places. The song is fairly concise, lasting over two minutes in length but this track features the best grooves on the EP that leaves you wanting more.

Yeah, it sucks this release lasts under ten minutes but Lazer Beam plays more daring and adventurous sounds on Man In The House that I want to hear more and I'm hoping the upcoming EP's match the high standard that Lazer Beam has delivered fully here. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Lazer Beam or the promo.

Man In The House will be available to buy on DD  from September 02nd 2022.


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