Thursday 4 August 2022

Slowjoint - Piss And Gravel (Album Review)

Release Date: August 15th 2022. Record Label: Virkelighedsfjern. Format: Cassette Tape/DD

Piss And Gravel - Tracklisting


Stick On A Pig


Snot From Shit

Don't Fit


Eggs And Bitter

Lesson Lost


Dennis Fumblefinger - Vocals/Bass

Patrick Lazy - Guitars

Tor Arge Mammen - Drums


Piss And Gravel is the upcoming third full length album from Danish Doom/Sludge/Stoner Riffsters Slowjoint and is perhaps their most mature release yet. Gone is the self depreciating WEEDIAN humour of earlier releases and that has been replaced with a more grown-up attitude. The album is undeniably full of SLUDGE/STONER filth with a top-notch Doom Metal atmosphere.

Opening song Screwdriver is one extended DRONE based jam with pounding atmospherics and distorted vocals to match. The song can be considered "one-dimensional" in places but the song has some epic grooves contained within. Slowjoint are their true selves on this album and the Bongzilla/Weedeater comparions are a thing of the past. The music is powerful and features different distorted Drone/Noise Rock levels. There's a subtle Psychedelic sound that allows the heavy bass to have a more forceful approach. The lyrics are WEEDIAN through and through with the song being about using your BONG with a screwdriver. Thanks to Dennis for that info.

Second song Stick On A Pig offers a more fast-paced style of music with Slowjoint playing their standard WEEDIAN sounds but with a more playful and upbeat attitude. The vocals from Dennis are superb yet again and quite easy to understand despite the harsh vocal growls that are here. The song can be downright funky in places but still retaining a harsh Sludge Metal attitude.

Third song Reek opens with a thumping bass solo with the music being slow paced at first. Though, Slowjoint add levels of Sludge/Stoner Metal with a thrilling layer of Drone Metal energy allowing the band to play more extended WEEDIAN based jams. This could be considered one of the more upbeat parts of the album but that isn't saying much as Slowjoint press on with their bombastic style of music.

Fourth song Snot From Shit sees the band keep moving ahead with their "Bass" heavy sound with a less dramatic approach. Levels of Psychedelic Noise can be heard in the background with the band being more progressive with their music. The down-tuned guitars and intelligen drumming make this become one of the best tracks on the album. The music is cautiously slow and only moves up a gear before the half-way stage. The music is beautifully volatile and the great lyrics may raise a smile or two as Slowjoint are in their creative element here. 

Other standout tracks are: "Bum", "Eggs And Bitter" and "Lesson Lost" with Slowjoint playing some new styles of music along the way. The final two songs Eggs And Bitter and Lesson Lost are perhaps the heaviest parts of the album. With Slowjoint playing a more vivid style of music than we're normally used to from them. 

The production values are excellent for the most part. There's a few moments where I wanted to hear more volume and depth with the guitars. However, apart from that minor complaint, Piss And Gravel is another wicked bleak insight into one of the best bands from the Danish underground Sludge/Stoner Metal Scene. 

If you're a fan of Bongzilla and Weedeater plus any bands that play "LOW & SLOW" style of music then it's time to get invested with Slowjoint. As this album shows everything great about them and is their best release to date.

Piss And Gravel is a dirge ridden and action packed RIFF FEST.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Slowjoint for the promo.

Piss And Gravel will be available to buy on Cassette/DD via Virkelighedsfjern from August 15th 2022.


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