Thursday 15 October 2015

Bell Witch Featured In Upcoming Audio Short Story

Music by Seattle’s Bell Witch will be featured in an upcoming audio short story called “The Millstone,” written and narrated by Grant Skelton. The story is the third in a series of stories that follows Reverend Malcolm Colt, an exorcist with a reality television show. In ”The Millstone,” Reverend Malcolm Colt meets Clyde Merrick, who tells Colt that the only way Colt can help him is to kill him.

“The Millstone” will be broadcast on Saturday 17th October at 10pm Central US time on Local X Radio. Stream the broadcast at or on the station’s app at app is also available in both the Apple and Android stores. Following the broadcast, the story will be uploaded to Soundcloud for stream and download.

The original short story, entitled “Outer Darkness” will be published in a spring 2016 anthology called “Book Of Blasphemous Words” by A Murder Of Storytellers (

Bell Witch’s latest album “Four Phantoms” is now available on Profound Lore Records. Stream or purchase it via the Bandcamp link below. Stream or download the first two stories in the series, “Outer Darkness” and “The Devil’s Favorite Color” on Soundcloud.

“Outer Darkness”

“The Devil's Favorite Color”

Words by Grant Skelton