Saturday 17 October 2015

GROAK - Masticator (EP Review)

Release date: September 14th 2015. Label: Self Released Formats: DD

Masticator EP – Tracklisting

1.Trichobezoar 04:33
2.Despite the Gawker 07:21
3.Gastric Interruptions 07:23
4.Notebook 05:39

Band Members:



Groak is a Sludge/Crust/Doom Metal Band from Leeds, UK and they've just released their heavy as fuck debut EP - Masticator

When I promoted this on the Outlaws Of The Sun Facebook Page I originally stated - “This is brutally heavy or heavily brutal” - I sill stand by those words as Groak's debut EP is filthy and I mean downright filthy. If you dig THOU then Groak will be the band for you.

From the heavy down-tuned riffs of opening song - Trichobezoar – this EP has the power to fuck-up your entire day as the guitars are down-tuned to hell. The vocals are punishing and brutal as they have enough power to drive you to insanity.. The atmosphere is one of violent despair as the mood stays bleak and remorseful through out.

Second track – Despite The Gawker – carries on the torturous doom and gloom atmospherics as the band speed things up slightly though the almost indecipherable vocals can be very distracting at times. I haven't a clue what is being said but it's the music that holds your attention.

The production on the EP varies throughout. Sometimes the production is superb and other times it's feels rather flat and that's a shame as if Groak had some proper production values then these guys would sound something special indeed. Groak can build upon that with future releases and I have a feeling they will. If you dig your Sludge/Doom Metal full of despair, anger and depressing riffs then check these guys out as  Groak are definitely worth your time.

Words by Steve Howe


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