Tuesday 6 October 2015

Belzebong - Greenferno (Album Review)

Release date: October 20th 2015. Label: Emetic Records. Formats: CD/Cassette/DD/Vinyl

Greenferno – Tracklisting

1.Diabolical Dopenosis
2.Inhale In Hell
3.Goat Smokin' Blues
4.The UnderToker

Band Members:

Cheesy dude
Sheepy dude
Alky dude
Hexy dude
Boogey dude


The band’s moniker, album names and song titles all refer to the reefer or the henchmen of “Old Scratch” himself. This botanist band is obsessed with Devil's lettuce…they are weed huggers. This band sees the world through hippy herb-hued glasses and their world is green. Their album covers are green, their obsession is green and this album even has the word “green” in the burning title. Old familiar fans will rejoice in their continual head bobbing because this album is another Belzebong classic. This album is also powerful enough to recruit new followers to the mission.

This album is a massive, fuzz covered, green colored, hazy stoner instrumental. It is not easy to be an instrumental band and still hold the attention of listeners, but this group succeeds through the weeds. The album is an overflowing cauldron load of heavy riffs, being stirred with an oversized peace pipe, billowing clouds of musical notes through heavy smoke. They also encourage you bring a pipe of dope for your pet goat.

Although there is no singing on this venture, there are movie quotes that obviously concern the aforementioned chronic passion: “Creepshow”-short story of a man turning into a weed, “The Expendables 2”- Satan’s pet goat, “Assassin of Youth”- the old anti-marijuana propaganda film, “Nice Dreams”- portraying the essential comedic stoners Cheech & Chong, etc. I guess some people will use this album as a soundtrack for their pot activities and let the ganja orchestrate the language.

This 4-song album is a growling work of plodding distortion that transformed my legs into tendrils, searching the ground for moisture. I warn you to listen with a glass of water.

Diabolical Dopenosis” is like wading knee deep through an electric swamp.

Inhale In Hell” trudges along like a battleship manoeuvring through a canal of hardening concrete.

Goat Smoking Blues” will make you go to the doctor and get prescription pills to stop your dog from turning green.

Undertoker” commands you to cut off your older brother’s toenails and smoke them.

I accidentally left “Greenferno” on a loop overnight and I woke up to find my ferns leaning towards my speakers. In places where this is legal, the album should come with rolling papers made from Satan's toilet tissue. You will enjoy this album regardless of your affinity for green.

I- Praise the music. Others- Worship the leaf.

Words by Nick Palmisano

Thanks to Bezlebong the promo. Greenferno will be available to buy on CD/Cassette/DD/Vinyl from Emetic Records on October 20th 2015.