Thursday 29 October 2015

Holy Mount - We Fell From The Sky (Deluxe Edition - Album Review)

Release date: Sept 7th 2015. Label: White Dwarf Rock. Format: DD/Vinyl

We Fell From The Sky (Deluxe Edition) – Tracklisting

1.Throughout These Eyes 07:25
2.We Fell From The Sky 06:00
3.Garm of Hounds 05:56
4.Born of Eclipse 06:19
5.Meadowvale 06:30
6.Breeze Blows West 05:08
7.The Rain The Might 05:10

Band Members:

Danijel Losic / Troy Legree / Brandon McKenzie / Clayton Churcher


I remember reviewing this album back in 2011 when it was originally released. It struck me back then what a fantastic record this really is and how Holy Mount were a band to look out for. Fast forward 4 years and the record is being re-released as a Deluxe Edition on Vinyl.

If you're new to the world of Holy Mount, here's your chance to find what all the excitement is about. Holy Mount play Heavy/Psych/Drone/Stoner Rock with hints of Doom running throughout their sound. It's very very loud once the guys get into a continuous rhythm and the album can be very euphoric at times especially on the opening few tracks.

Fans of Earthless will get a kick out of this band and album you can hear certain influences from that legendary band within Holy Mount's music. It's hard to pick a favourite song on this album as they're all equally good as each other. The thing that impresses the most is how the band constantly shift musical genres without you noticing as you will by put in a hypnotic trance. It's addictive stuff with shades of 70s Psych Rock coming into play at times.

What's so deluxe about this edition. Well the band have included two songs from the “Breeze Blows West” 7” they released a while back. Even though the band have released two further albums (Alpic and VOL) since this albums original release, it's this album that I consider my fave from Holy Mount. As it showed me what awesome musicians the guys actually are. I've heard rumblings of a new album being released next year or so. Let's hope so as I feel Holy Mount have only began their musical journey. Until then, enjoy this trippy and psyched out masterpiece.

Words by Steve Howe