Saturday 17 October 2015

Battle Elk - Songs For Heroes (EP Review)

Release date: September 25th 2015. Label: Self Released Formats: DD

Songs For Heroes – Tracklisting

1.Shield Wall 02:39
2.Charango Moon 03:59
3.Mount the Elk 04:22
4.Black Sector Highway 05:16

Band Members:

Espen Gunstensen: Vocals, guitars, charango.
Bjørn Marius Kristiansen: Vocals, guitars, drums, synths, bass guitar.


Now here's a superb slice of Psych/Space/Prog/Stoner Rock courtesy of Battle Elk. A duo who are very hard to describe. Their debut EP – Songs For Heroes – is trippy as hell and takes influence from the realm of science fiction and beer. I'll let the band tell you about their music in their own words:

We call it spacegaze: Our songs all take place in a fictional world where warriors are mounted on elks and dragons terrorize the skies. We're inspired by old sci-fi and fantasy novels, adventure game soundtracks, loud guitars and Belgian beer.”

Song's For Heroes is very surreal at times with weird noises and synths being mixed against some heavy prog stoner riffs. The vocals are rooted firmly in 60s/70s Psych Rock territory but the guys do show their heavier side when the time calls for it. Standout track has to be – Mount The Elk. A masterclass in progressive stoner rock with a cool sideline in trippy psychedelia.

For a debut release, Songs For Heroes could of done with a few more songs to see if the guys keep the mood going as it's only on for 15 mins. I know it's a debut EP but I really wanted to hear more and I hope we do in the future. As Battle Elk have a refreshing sound. Check them out and join the program. Raise your finest pint glass of LEFFE and make a toast to Battle Elk.

Words by Steve Howe