Tuesday 6 October 2015

Gareeda - Leatherhead (Album Review)

Release date: October 05th 2015. Label: Wasted State Records. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Leatherhead – Tracklisting

1.Rats In The Walls 03:20
2.Golden Hoarde 04:08
3.Limit 04:06
4.Midnight 02:20
5.Silence 03:06
6.Locust Man 04:12
7.The Ballad Of Bella Rose 04:40
8.Spite Night 04:34
9.Idol Of Many Hands 04:55
10.Colony 04:54
11.The Boy With Scorn In His Pride 03:06
12.The Stranger - Digital Only Bonus Track 05:40

Band Members:

Stu Gordon - Guitar/Vocals
Toni Martone - Bass/Vocals
Michael Branagh - Drums/Vocals


Gareeda’s style of Stoner Rock has a vintage sound to it especially where the riffs are concerned. It’s a pumped up fast-paced Stoner Rock riff-fest that packs a mean punch. Gareeda manage to create their own Stoner Rock sound whilst paying homage to some of their Stoner Rock heroes past and present.

Opening track – Rats In The Wall – starts with a blazing psych/stoner riff that’s lean, mean and fast as hell. The vocals have a slight Foo Fighters energy about them. It’s a great style of music as it instantly draws you in with the heavy pounding rhythms venturing into Sludge Rock territory. The band is clearly having fun here on this song as they create a party atmosphere with the music being played for the sheer hell of it.

Second track – Golden Hoarde – is another fantastic sounding song with the band giving Red Fang a run for their money especially with the Stoner/Sludge Rock delivery of the guitars. Gareeda have written some exciting riffs here as this song has some impressive guitar solos and it makes the album a more exciting listen especially when the band unleash some heavy psych stoner riffs.

Third track – Limit – is a more laid-back and stripped back sound compared to the other tracks. It’s more of an Alt-Rock song as Gareeda wisely keep the volume to a minimum level for the first minute or so. Then the music returns to the heavy Sludge/Stoner Rock sound with the vocals being very hard to understand at times as the riffs drown them out. It’s a good song but one I feel that could of been better if they turned down the guitars and adding more volume to the vocals.

Fourth track – Midnight – is a slow-paced almost acoustic number that has a gloomy atmosphere. It feels quite jazzy at times with shades of Stoner Rock lurking in the background. I dig this song as it’s a simple piece but it has some interesting ideas and sounds that stay with you.

Fifth track – Silence – is anything but as Gareeda return to the heavy psych stoner sounds from the albums opening two tracks. The vocals take a darker turn which I didn’t expect. More Sludge Rock than Stoner but the band keep the mood very 90s Alt Rock with a hint of Grunge. Very schizophrenic at times but perhaps one of the albums more exciting songs. A weird and wonderful style that shows Gareeda can be a very dark band when the mood calls for it.

Sixth track – Locust Man – will bring back memories of QOTSA classic – Go With The Flow – as it has the same playful and addictive energy of that classic song. Gareeda add a more Noise Rock feel when the music starts to speed up. Add lyrics you will be singing along to for days on end and you have perhaps the albums standout track. The vocals are superb as they keep you entertained through out. Though it’s when Gareeda start playing epic guitar solos is where the song gets your heart pumping at a fast rate.

Gareeda have 5 more songs for you to contend with and they’re just as exciting and as heavier than the first half of the album. Especially on songs such as The Ballad Of Bella Rose, Spite Night and Colony. The production is handled superbly well as you’re instantly drawn into Gareeda’s world where the riff is KING!!! - If you dig Red Fang and QOTSA then Gareeda is a band you need to check out now as Leatherhead is an excellent album from start to finish.

Thanks to Wasted State Records and Gareeda for the promo. Leatherhead is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl from Wasted State Records.

Words by Steve Howe