Monday 12 October 2015

Spelljammer - Ancient Of Days (Our 2nd Review Of The Album)

Release date: October 2nd 2015. Label: Riding Easy Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Ancient Of Days - Tracklisting

Meadow 11:51
Laelia 1:47
From Slumber 5:46
The Pahtfinder 8:27
Borlung 11:05

Band Members:

Robert Sörling - Guitars
Niklas Olsson – Bass/vocals
Jonatan Rimsbo - Drums


This album is the smouldering top of the doom heap and stoner metal coagulation.

I wonder if there was anything left of this band's instruments after recording this album? This band pushes their instruments to the limit. Another question you may ponder and repeat: “This record was made with only 3 dudes?” Unreal. This band is a true trio of doom, thus proving that less can be more.

I think this album is more complete and more polished than previous releases. The overall sound experience is one that you will return to quite often. The distorted passages are like prehistoric amber, dripping into the memory banks of your caveman mind. The slow, undistorted, passages sound like a heavy rock album from the 70's. This recording pushed the limits on my “Cerwin Vega” speaker system with its slow and heavy bottom end. Strap down your breakables. Beware.

It is now time to calcify your eardrums, fossilize your stereo and thicken your hide.

“Meadow”- The first track starts off with feedback that turns to forlorn distortion. It resembles what sounds like an amplified foghorn being pushed to its limits of propelled noise. It is not unlike the call to muster for the goblin armies to protect their birth-rite. The beginning slowly starts to build into the structure of the song. The vocals sound extended and, although there is no blood curdled screaming, the vocals are meant to convey meaning in the words.

At about the half way mark, we are treated to a soft intermission to ponder what we have just heard and to catch our breath before the song picks back up. This is a long song with peaks and valleys, which provides everything needed for a perfect journey into sound.

“Laelia”- This track is a short, sombre acoustic instrumental. It is an earnest expression, which paints the thought of a beautiful orchid that cannot survive on a lunar landscape.

“From Slumber”-This track is a groggy, gloomy, shadowy song displaying melancholy alongside stretched out, fluid like vocals. The start of this song reminds of a live act performing at the Fillmore back in the past. This track turns into a pounding song, tenderizing your brain through your eardrums. Again, there is no all out screeching on this album, yet the aquatic vocals have a certain quality that still command you listen.

This song is a perfect mix of distorted bass, memorable guitar and cacophonous drums. The song lulls you back to sleepy contemplation, like a whispering nursery rhyme at bedtime. You won’t even realize that the tentacles have wrapped around you, slowly causing just enough asphyxiation to drift you into dormancy.

“The Pathfinder”- This is a great sounding and well-constructed song, which is broadcast over time from the abyss. This song consists of heavy rock sections, reminiscent of 70's bands whom had those cool album covers, mixed together with distortion and blazing guitar parts. The instruments don't crowd each other, because each one is an essential ingredient of the greater sonic assault. I hope you like the taste of your own blood, because this song will leave you punch drunk.

“Borlung”-This track is a sonic serpent arising from the echoes of the deep. The sounds are primitive and aboriginal. The vocals are elastic. The bass is mangy. The guitar has gills. The drums are gargantuan. The album’s climatic and most extreme form of denouement.

The cover of “Ancient Of Days” is a thought provoking one, depicting an astronaut, standing alone, on a tableland plateau, finally facing the frontier of space. The lyrics are among the best I have recently read. I want more. I am now going take some petrified pterodactyl dung into the local cave and draw on the walls by candlelight. Come and join me.

Words by  Nick Palmisano

Thanks to Dave at US/THEM PR Group for the promo. Ancient Of Days is now available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from RidingEasy Records now.