Saturday 10 October 2015

Hexer - Holodeck Session (EP Review)

Release date: October 04th 2015. Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Holodeck Session EP - Tracklisting

1.Astral Perception (Intro) 04:35
2.Blazar 07:26
3.I|I 12:31
4.Augury Of A Silent Mass 14:09

Band Members:

D – Bass, Vocals
J – Drums
M – Guitar, Vocals


Music can be a lot of things. It can be the thunderous rally of an all-day drinking session, it can be the encouraging metronome spurring you on whilst you are balls deep in a significant other, it can be the soundtrack that takes an average bus journey and transforms it into an introspective drama or as in this case, it can be one heck of a journey in itself. The Holodeck Session EP by Hexer not only demands but deserves your undivided attention. Smoke em’ if you got em’, close your eyes and dedicate some time to immersing yourself in this recording. You won’t be sorry.

Track 1: Astral Perception. As the track title suggests, the EP begins with an ethereal and haunting intro that lulls the mind into a state necessary for the panoptic trip ahead. It is difficult to draw external comparisons with something so unfeigned and autonomous, but those who enjoy the more subtle moments of Sun O))) and Boris will find much to appreciate right from the start.

Track 2: Blazar. The second track starts slow and heavy with the arduous steps of a limping beast. A sparse vocal death rattle beckons you into the blackness until you find yourself completely submerged, floating defenceless through the void. In the distance you hear the distant thump of a pulse which swells steadily until the beast is upon you once more. A fine example of how subtlety and weight can be used in conjunction to allow the listener to rise and fall with the music as each wave builds and washes over you.

Track 3: III. This section leads with a deceptive, tom heavy drum intro that gestures towards a looming shift in pace but instead throws you head first into another well received heavy slope reminding you that the trip is not over yet. Cymbals respire over the menacing howl of guttural guitars and low, rumbling vibrations. Fans of Kongh, Moss and YOB will savour this superb example of abject doom.

Track 4: Augury Of A Silent Mass. The previous track fades in a warm, panning soundscape of pulsating resonance and bridges the gap as the final track swells into lucid activity, relentlessly continuing the lumbering pace of this crushing EP. Harrowing vocals conduct the ceremony as solemn images form in swirling mists. The bedlam subsides, the mists disperse and the world is still once more. Delicate, subtle guitars then stir the atmosphere as delayed, spoken vocals pour in as though carried on the wind to awaken the beast once more. Be sure to put on your angriest face and crank the volume!

Whilst I have broken the review down on a track-by-track basis, the band stated that they intend for the EP to be listened to in its entirety as a single concept. This is something that I personally feel is often lacking these days, as it is easier to market a release by having that one track intended to showcase the entire record. As a result, ‘sincerity’ (I know, forgive me) is a word that tends to be thrown around and misused a lot but I feel that The Holodeck Session EP is incredibly sincere, displaying artistry of incredible calibre and earnestness. It is always refreshing to listen to something that takes you on a ride and this EP does exactly that. It is a cordial invitation to be guided through Hexer’s bleak, emotive world. All you have to do is take a seat and listen.

Words by ThisHairyGuy