Saturday 25 June 2016

Band To Check Out - 1886

Release date: Jan 09th 2015. Label: Helmet Lady Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Before The Fog Covers The Mount  – Tracklisting

1.Woodsman 05:46
2.Witch Hunter 05:15
3.Fuego Salvaje 04:44
4.Flying Whales & Swimming Birds 03:45
5.The Path Through The Green Forest 07:17
6.Mental 06:53
7.The Seed Of Feed 07:13
8.Breakdown 05:29

Band Members:

Pau Bassedas - Guitar and vocals.
Pol Gómez - Guitar and chorus.
Pol Ventura - Bass and chorus.
Marc Fàbregas - Drums.

The Lowdown:

The cool folks over at Helmet Lady Records asked me to check out the 2015 album - Before The Fog Covers The Mount from Spanish Psych Rockers - 1886. This is another album that has passed me by but I'm pretty glad I've checked it out. As this album is superb with 1886 creating a heavy barrage of Psych/Hard Rock Riffs. 

Though there's much more to 1886's sound as they delve into the world of  Heavy Blues with subtle hints of Space/Stoner Rock being played for your entertainment. 

Standout tracks include: Witch Hunter, Fuego Salvaje, The Path Through The Green Forest and The Seed Of Feed. All great tracks with the band showing quite a flair in creating highly addictive moments of psychedelic rock. 

I've talked long enough. Just listen to the album below and if you like what you hear, head over to Helmet Lady Records and buy a copy on Vinyl. 

Words by Steve Howe