Saturday 24 September 2016

Moanaa - Passage (Album Review)

Release date: 15th September 2016. Label: Arachnophobia Records . Format: CD/DD

Passage – Tracklisting

1.[...] 01:32
2.The Process, Part I 09:08
3.The Process, Part II 03:03
4.Crystal 06:48
5.Terra Mater 12:24
6.The Shift 09:51
7.Grim Encounter 12:29

Band Members:

Łukasz "cHooDy" Kursa - guitar
Marcel Łękawa - drums
Damian "Cichy" Olearczyk - bass
Kuba "Piwus" Piwowarczyk - guitar
K-vass - vocals


Greetings all,

This time around I got to check out the new album by Doomy Polish Post metal juggernaut Moanaa. Passage is the bands third release and it is a titan. This band brings the heavy, along with the melody, and ambience for anyone in to post-whatever. This is a really masterfully played and masterfully recorded album that I hope people take the time to check out.

Listeners have to be ready for the long haul, as Moanaa brings it long and heavy. 4 of the 7 tracks break 9 minutes, with two of those crushing for over 12 minutes. The Passage is either intentionally or unintentionally a journey through many a sonic passageway. There are a couple of items that really stick out. The band rocks in and out of different styles effortlessly, just as vocalist K-vass goes from clean singing to a guttural growl in a snap. It is impressive. The band also loves their delay pedals, as clean guitar chimes rattle through riff after riff of head banging goodness. These guys also fully embrace some relaxed moments of pseudo relaxing ambience, that relaxes you just enough to snap your next at the next crushing thud.

The songs really show the band's strong playing and songwriting. After a brief intro, the record kicks in to the two part The Process, 12 minutes over 2 tracks that shows you exactly what is in store for you. After the awesome little (almost 7 minute) Crystal, they unleash the epic Terra Mater. This 12+ minute opus destroys you for almost 9 minutes before cradling you in the warm acoustic glow of the last 3 minutes, that shows you everything is going to be least until The Shift and Grim Encounter close the record out out by crushing your soul and leaving you wanting more. It is a massive epic voyage! Find it and Enjoy!

Words by Todd Stealey