Saturday 10 September 2016

Brant Bjork - Tao Of The Devil (Album Review)

Release date: September 30th 2016. Label: Napalm Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Tao Of The Devil – Tracklisting

01. The Greeheen
02. Humble Pie
03. Stackt
04. Luvin'
05. Biker No. 2
06. Dave's War
07. Tao Of The Devil
08. Evening Jam (bonus track)

Band Members:

Brant Bjork
Dave Dinsmore
Bubba DuPree
Ryan Goode


Brant Bjork has been at the forefront of the stoner/desert rock scene for so many years now that the mere mention of his name fills the hearts of his fans with joy. Every time a new album from him or featuring him comes out then it is a reason to celebrate such as his standing as both a musician and an icon. Whether as a founding member of the legendary Kyuss, or his work with Fatso Jetson, Fu Manchu, Vista Chino and the Desert Sessions among many others, Bjork's passionate playing and musical vigour has always been something to look forward to and his latest album (released under his own name) is no different.

Coming two years after his last album Black Flower Power (the album he released with the Low Desert Punk Band), Tao Of The Devil sees Bjork letting loose as only he can from the get go over the albums seven tracks (eight if you include the bonus Evening Jam, which has a typical Brant Bjork vibe to it and ties things on the album up well) and is full of hair shaking riffs and a totally unpretentious nature that is typical of the main man.

This unpretentious nature goes hand in hand with the loose feeling of Tao Of The Devil and the music flows both free from the opening riffs of first track The Greeheen and the whole album is fast with riffs aplenty and jams kicking off right, left and centre. Tracks such as Stackt, Dave's War, and Biker No 2 show off what Brant Bjork does best with his soulful and passionate vocals soaring over the desert vibe and driving music and the whole thing has an anthemic vibe running through the heart of it.

The highlight of Tao Of The Devil has to be the aptly titled Humble Pie, a song filled with huge passion and has an obvious massive blues feel to it (something that is a constant through the album) and a track that sees that Bjork drawl used to maximum effect over a riff that can only be described as mammoth and is something you just want to play over and over again, as you do with this whole album.

The albums title track which closes things is a sprawling gem of a song and as a swansong fits perfectly with what has gone before it and is an infectious song with a real spark, a real heart and soul and that same few flowing vibe and groove as what has preceded it.

Tao Of The Devil is a welcome return for Brant Bjork and fits extremely well into his astonishingly proficient back catalogue so sit back, crack open a beer or something stronger and let Brant Bjork take you on another epic ride with this album. It's good to have him back!

Words by Gavin Brown

Thanks to Andy and Mona at Napalm Records for the promo.b Tao Of The Devil will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Napalm Records from Sept 30th 2016.


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