Thursday 8 September 2016

GOD DAMN - Everything Ever (Album Review)


Release date: September 23rd 2016. Label: One Little Indian Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Everything Ever – Tracklisting

Sing This
Again Again
Fake Prisons
I'll Bury You
It Bites
Oh No
Six Wires
Dead To Me
Let's Speak
Easily Misled

Band Members:

Thom Edward, guitar/vocals
Ash Weaver, drums.


God Damn return with their second album, Everything Ever and it’s boisterous, noisy and infectious as their debut album. It seems God Damn have returned louder, heavier and with grander ideas than their debut album. If you’re new to God Damn’s world expect loud angry Stoner Rock anthems with a sideline in Noise and Grunge style riffs with a pop style sensibility.

Opening track – Sing This – sees God Damn create a heavy punk/pop/grunge/stoner sing-along anthem. Heavy guitars and confident vocals that entertain you from the start. The lyrics have shades of nineties Grunge/Alternative Rock about them. Match them together and this makes up one of the albums strongest tracks.

Second track – Ghost – follows the guitar heavy style riffs of the opening track with the vocals adding another punk dimension to their music. It’s another party-moshing anthem especially when the chorus gets going with the heavy Stoner/Grunge riffs being driven along by superb pounding drums.
Third track – Again Again once again sees the band play the same template of fast paced 

Stoner/Grunge riffs with the atmosphere becoming slightly louder as result. Sure it can sound disjointed at times but with the band having so much fun it’s virtually impossible not to be swept away by it all. The lyrics could have done with more work but it’s the music that holds your attention.

Fourth track – Fake Prisons is one of the heaviest songs on the album with the band experimenting with their sound by adding synth based noises. It’s another one of the albums standout tracks with the vocals being a major highlight.

Well you get the picture the on how the rest of the album plays out. The album contains thirteen tracks and they follow the same pattern as each other. Other great songs to checkout are: I’ll Bury You, Failure, It Bites, Six Wires and Dead To Me.

Though the band could have easily left the final song Easily Misled off the album as it’s the weakest part of the album. This song stops the whole flow of the album. It’s a shame as until then God Damn keep the mood fresh and exciting. Maybe I’m being too harsh on the band; I just feel the album would have been better without the final song.

Apart from that minor criticism, Everything Ever is still a superb album to listen to and add to your music collection. It will no doubt enhance the band’s reputation to the Grunge/Stoner masses that will go crazy over this album.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Dave at Division Promotions for the promo. Everything Ever will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via One Little Indian Records from 23rd Sept 2016.