Saturday 5 November 2016

The Blue Sunshine Family Band - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: November 01st 2016. Label: Self Release. Format: DD

The Blue Sunshine Family Band – S/T – Tracklisting

1.I 09:09
2.II 08:54
3.III 08:52
4.IV 08:53
5.V 07:13
6.VI 08:38

Band Members:

Billy - Guitar
Kevin - Guitar
Matt - Bass
Quinten - Drums


The Blue Sunshine Family Band (TBSFB) may have a name giving the impression they’re a sixties style Psychedelic/Flower-Power Rock band but appearances can be deceiving. TBSFB have more in common with bands such as Black Sabbath, Karma To Burn and Kyuss but on a more progressive scale. TBSFB show elements of Prog Rock and Psych Rock throughout their album with a mighty fine slice of Jam based riffs thrown in for good measure.

The album has six tracks each showing a different side to TBSFB’s music as they create and explore a loud expansive atmosphere that instantly draws you in for the start. Songs range from seven to nine minutes in length. So if you’re a fan of lengthy spaced out compositions then the album you’ll find much to enjoy here.

Opening track – I – perfectly captures the mood that TBSFB convey throughout the album. A distorted fuzzy kind of Stoner Metal that has shades of early Karma To Burn about it. The drumming is intricate and precise with the guitar work adding real dramatic flair. Progressive style Desert/Stoner vibes appear now and then with TBSFB showing a keen eye for detail as the song moves into different styles of rock/metal.

Second track – II – starts with a more casual pace but the mood changes quickly enough with some blistering guitar solos and classic twin style guitar work. This is perhaps my favourite song off the album as TBSFB slow things right down. It allows the music to slowly build and create a subtle gloomy atmosphere.

Third track – II – is a more bass heavy affair with the other instruments adding a pounding beat. As before it starts really slow with elements of faster paced Stoner riffs coming into effect. TBSFB start to create a fine musical identity of their own. With this superbly played slice of progressive doom/stoner rock.

The first three tracks from the album show you what to expect for the remainder of the album. Three more epic songs running for twenty five minutes or so. Where the band take you through another round of progressive spaced out doom/stoner riffs. Songs IV and VI contain the albums heaviest moments as TBSFB create more jam-based madness to lose yourself in.

I know Instrumental Rock/Metal albums can be a hard album for people to listen to but you should give this album a chance. As TBSFB take a few risks with their music especially when they slow the mood down and opt for a more slower doomier vibe. Vocals would ruin the whole atmosphere of the album especially on the closing stages of the album. This is a thrilling and genuinely exciting album that will hopefully see TBSFB release more albums such as this

Words by Steve Howe