Friday 11 November 2016

DOMKRAFT - The End Of Electricity (Album Review)

Release date: November 11th 2016. Label: Magnetic Eye Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The End Of Elect – Tracklisting

1.The Rift
2.Meltdown Of The Orb
4.Red Lead 05:56
5.All Come Hither
7.We Will Follow

Band Members:

Martin Widholm - Guitar
Martin Wegeland - Bass & Vocals
Anders Dahlgren - Drums


Greetings all,

I can only assume they put something in the water over in Sweden. Here in the states, we get Fluoride, I'm guessing they put a little THC or LSD or the lot. Domkraft is a massive sounding 3 piece that brings the heavy, and they bring it hard. The End of Electricity is a monster of a record. Full of monster riffs, some excellent hooks and vocals, and just some downright killer songs. The record is a beast from beginning to end.

This record comes at you at such a massive amount of force that I was shocked to realize that Domkraft is only a 3 piece band. I really cant say enough good things about this album. These three guys play their guts out. It is well recorded, well produced. The use of effects is brilliantly done. The mix is perfect as the vocals do not overwhelm, but fit in as a 4th instrument, sitting perfectly in the mix. Kudos to all involved.

The End of Electricity starts off with the absolutely smashing riff of the epic, The Rift. Ten and half minutes of face melting awesomeness. Which is followed by the almost equally as epic, Meltdown of the Orb, which clocks in at a mere eight minutes. The Sabbathian, Drones, is a 2 minute echoey guitar interlude that lets you catch your breath before unleashing the second half of this monster upon your weary soul.

Red Lead is a rager with another riff that wont stop as it crests into a flange heavy closing. All Come Hither takes a slightly different approach as it kind of eases you into a satisfying aural pummelling. Dustrider clocks in under 3 minutes (whoa..) but doesn't relent. It is a heavy burst doomy anger. The album closes out with the mammoth, We Will Follow. A satisfying closer that will make you follow Domkraft on whenever their dark, gloomy journey goes.

I certainly hope the End of Electricity is not prophetic. As sadness will prevail without the wattage to power Domkraft' s mighty amps and pedals. Track this record down. You will love it.

Words by Todd Stealey

Thanks to Jadd at Magnetic Eye Records for the promo. The End Of Electricity is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via Magnetic Eye Records.


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