Tuesday 1 November 2016

Cody Foster Army featuring Pig Snout - Children Of A Revolution (Music Video)

CFA - Children of A Revolution

CFA (Cody Foster Army) chose T-Rex's “Children Of A Revolution” simply based on the state of governments and unrest in the world. The music was already heavy and the lyrics at time have a very tongue and cheek appeal with positive vibe, just like the vibe CFA carry with them.

Lots of Cody’s lyrics are based on; fighting no one as one and unifying against tyrannical influences for our children's future.

It was these short and punk ideals that led us to want to release The video before the Presidential Elections. Simply put, the world deserves a peaceful revolution.

Now It would be very audacious of us if we thought yes we are making a difference, that's up to you. We would plainly like to be part of the SOUNDTRACK to your revolution.

The friendship between CFA & PIG SNOUT

First off Pig Snout is comprised of 100 year old father Justin and his 2 children, 7 year old Dahlia and 10 year old Lucien. They have been formed like silly putty going on 3 years now. One of their songs and themselves have been featured in a Nordstrom add. The Drummer Dalia has been in Ludwig’s instructional video featuring Quest Love at her side and his new children's drum line, she has also been featured in Tom Tom magazine out of Brooklyn.

The band has had to suffer media coverage from the get go. But this band must also carry the burden of exceptional talent, not to keep things boring they like to switch instruments throughout their sets.

Pig Snout's Justin and members of CFA have been friends and musical confidants for over a decade. Justin like CFA, are revered in a big brother sort of manner throughout their community.

CFA was very pleased when Pig Snout agreed to shoot the video with them. Originally the members of CFA were not going to appear in the video. But the film makers and world travellers Lynn and Noah Camp had other plans in store. Since the shoot CFA and Pig Snout in their entirety have performed the song live together, two drummers is always cool to watch and feel.

A couple of things before we go.

First from Takata, an Egg Shen quote "China is in the heart Mr. Burton"

Lastly, Youngsters always catch the eye of the media and for good reason, they are the future. We hope you enjoy this unauthorised release of “Children Of A Revolution” by Cody Foster Army and remember to; fight no one as one.

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