Wednesday 30 November 2016

KAYROS - Hombre De Piedra (Album Review)

Release date: November 30th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Hombre De Piedra – Tracklisting

Hombre Piedra
Crisis RH2
Cuidad Fantasma
Circo Infierno
Hacia El Avismo
Camino Marginales


This is my first exposure to Kayros. A Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Rock band from Chile. They’ve been going for ten years now and they have just released their third album – Hombre De Piedra. Signs didn’t look too good with the opening track – Hombre Piedra – as it opens with a saxophone merged with distorted psychedelic beats. Then the song opened up with heavy fuzzy riffs that caught my attention.

As the band move into heavier sonic territory with doomy grunge sounds and cool as ice vocals. The vocals are sung in the bands main language. I can’t comment what the lead singer is singing about but he puts in a commanding performance with the fuzz based sounds playing around him.

Kayros have quite a progressive spaced out fuzz rock vibe on the early stages of the album and it’s a constant theme through out the entire album. Kayros deserve credit for creating some original sounds on this album. Tracks such as Crisis RH2, Gaza, Circo Infierno and Caminos Marginales are where the band impresses the most. As the band play heavy sounds that merge Doom, Stoner, Fuzz and Psychedelic riffs for a crazy wild ride.

Kayros show a wealth of creativity on the album as they blend sixties sounding psychedelic with the heavier seventies space rock sounds that are all held together by modern sounding doomy atmospherics. Kayros leave you wanting more on some of the songs especially Cuidad Fantasma. As they create a surreal Pink Floyd-esque trippy sonic odyssey that suddenly ends. This is a shame as I feel the song should have been longer. Though not to worry as the band have other great songs to impress you with.

The production is superb as the album has a lot of depth especially in the volume department. This is a very loud album so be prepared to turn the volume down a touch or so.

I wasn’t expecting much from Hombre De Piedra but Kayros impressed me a great deal. Hombre De Piedra is a fantastic album from start to finish. The album is another great reason why you should check out more bands from the South American Doom/Stoner Rock scene. There are some excellent bands to discover and I recommend you start with Kayros as this album is simply unmissable.

Words by Steve Howe