Sunday 20 November 2016

Wasted Theory - Defenders Of The Riff (Album Review)

Release date: October 30th 2016. Label: NoSlip Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl (Vinyl due April 2017)

Defenders Of The Riff – Tracklisting

1.Get Loud or Get Fucked 04:06
2.Black Witch Blues 04:18
3.Atomic Bikiniwax 04:53
4.AmpliFIRE! 04:26
5.Gospel of Infinity 04:45
6.Belly Fulla Whiskey 05:06
7.Under The Hoof 03:29
8....And The Devil Makes Three 05:28
9.Throttlecock 04:30
10.Odyssey Of The Electric Warlock 04:55

Band Members:

Brendan Burns,
Larry Jackson, Jr.,
Dave McMahon,
Rob Michael


Two years after releasing their debut album – Death And Taxes. Self proclaimed “American Weed Rock” riffsters – Wasted Theory return with their new album – Defenders Of The Riff. The album is a major step-up from their celebrated debut album.

The album contains the perfect balance of Doom, Psych, Stoner and good old fashioned Southern Rock thrills and spills. The vocals are superb from the start with the riffs leaving a blaze of glory with modern stoner metal vibes matched against a cool sounding classic 70s style delivery. Wasted Theory seem to be influenced by early-era Orange Goblin but with a more blues based outlook.

Defenders Of The Riff is all killer and no filler. Truth be told, this album feels like a greatest hits package rather than the band's second album. Standout tracks include: Get Loud Of Get Fucked, Atomic Bikiniwax, Belly Fulla Whiskey and Odyssey Of The Electric Warlock. All proving that Wasted Theory have created an exciting and sometimes wholly original sound of their own.

The production and the overall feel of the album sounds immense from the start. Not really surprising if you consider the people who mastered, recorded and engineered the album. I've copied and pasted the following from the guys BandCamp Page.

Recorded & Engineered by Paul Janocha @ Ken-Del Studios.
Recorded, Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Nick Rotundo @ Clay Creek Studio.
Mastered by Tony Reed at HeavyHead Recording Studios.

Though this is Wasted Theory's show and the guys prove why they're so highly thought of within the Doom/Stoner Metal scene. The instrumental work is another highlight with the band working their asses off in creating some mighty fine riffage.

Defenders Of The Riff will no doubt enhance Wasted Theory's reputation further. It's an album already winning it's fair share of praise within the Doom/Stoner Metal community. They've recently won the 1st spot on November 2016 Doom Charts. Another strong indicator on how good this album really is.

I could write a 5000 word essay explaining how good this album really is. Though the music speaks for itself. You cannot argue with quality and this album oozes quality. If you want an album that does what is says on the tin – RIFFS!!! - Defenders Of The Riff is the album for you. No question.....

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe