Saturday 26 November 2016

The Wiring - Withdrawal From Continuous Circulation (Album Review)

Release date: November 25th 2016. Label: Shrine Of Our Own Records. Format: DD

Withdrawal From Continuous Circulation – Tracklisting

1.IZ 06:55
2.Python 05:52
3.The Blocking 04:30
4.Eyes 05:20
5.Unearthed 05:44
6.Warped Apparition 04:31
7.Belltower General 05:49

Band Members:

A. - Strings & Vox
R. - Drums & Vox


Doom/Stoner Metal Duo - The Wiring release their debut album - Withdrawal From Continuous Circulation. The band comes from the same school of riffology of bands as Black Cobra, High On Fire and SardoniS. You can expect thirty eight minutes of fast-paced modern sounding doom/stoner metal with a touch of psychedelic theatrics. The band adds a gloomy atmosphere to their music and it elevates their sound to a more doomier environment.

With these guys being a duo, the one thing that impresses from the start is how loud the guys actually are. You would think there are more members to the band. But Nope. Just the core duo of A and R.

Opening Track - IZ - starts very slowly with confident drumming and psych based guitars that have a familiar vibe. Lead vocalist - A - plays a crucial and dominant role with his grizzled vocals. The bands approach to their music is perfect for the Doom/Stoner Metal world as they combine catchy lyrics and addictive riffs that seem to be the normal thing if you're part of a truly confident Doom/Stoner Metal band. IZ gives the perfect impression on what to expect on the albums remaining six tracks.

The Wiring creates an exciting style of chainsaw based riffs especially on tracks such as Python, The Blocking, Eyes and Unearthed. It's too The Wiring's credit they have created an album that is a huge amount of fun from start despite the album having it's fair share of doomier moments. If you're a fan of High On Fire and Black Cobra then this is the album for you. The production is first rate as it allows The Wiring to play and generate a huge amount of loud noise.

The overall sound of the album is stunning as you can feel each heavy pounding drum beat and guitar riff coming at you. Withdrawal From Continuous Circulation is an excellent debut album. It will appeal to a wide range of fans in the Doom/Stoner Metal community.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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