Saturday 26 November 2016

Whores. - GOLD (Album Review)

Release date: October 28th 2016. Label: eOne. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

GOLD – Tracklisting

Playing Poor - 3:04
Baby Teeth - 3:28
Participation Trophy - 4:11
Mental Illness as Mating Ritual - 3:04
Ghost Trash 2:53
Charlie Chaplin Routine - 2:13
Of Course You Do - 3:43
I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T-Shirt - 2:35
Bloody Like the Day You Were Born - 3:59
I Have a Prepared Statement - 6:15

Band Members:

Christian Lembach: voice and guitar
Casey Maxwell: bass
Donnie Adkinson: drums


Whores. flip off the world on this record. The whole album is as raw as fresh road rash and as loud as outlaw muffler pipes. Every instrument and vocal delivery is slanted with rebellion. The bass is low and raunchy. The guitar is rancorous and mean. The drums are a toe to toe boxing match, sounding like a king of the ring punch out. The vocals are red, sore and coarse.

Whores. is comprised of three nasty noise dealers who shuffle the deck with a 52 pick up in homicide kings. Stomp, sweat, stop and repeat. This release is an assemblage of brutal and ferocious noise with a hint of sludge. The song titles grab hold of your limited attention span, the lyrics rattle with meaningful prose, and both are delivered with a spattering of intelligent humour.
'Gold' is a seamless collection of skull and crossbones toxicity with each song being a rivet in a gorilla-sized album. Again, the entire record is ablaze from start to finish, but these tracks really cleave:

Playing Poor’ is a strong opener exhibited with a high voltage detonation in sound. A fast moving shred fest in league with pissed off farmers playing electric pitchforks in ripped coveralls.

Baby Teeth’ is punctuated punk that shakes the rust off your haughty routine with guitars that blast like laser beams.

Participation Trophy’ has just the right amount of anger to recycle your self-righteous smile with brass knuckles.

Mental Illness As A Mating Ritual’ reminded me that every block has an aggressive little loud mouth creep who deals in distortion with purpose to offend.

Charlie Chaplin Routine’ is constructed with huge riffs, which are like the knives of a juggling mime.

I See You Are Also Wearing A Black T Shirt’ showcases instruments as a broken falsehood with vocals of rotten belligerence.

Bloody Like The Day You Were Born’ is a metallic sludge clamour that moves like stop and go traffic on the potholed freeway.

I Have Prepared A Statement” is a bombardier power passage with an old school feel.
This record sounds like it was recorded in Fort Knox and it is the embodiment of blistering punk attitude, covered in a solid gold knuckle sandwich. A virtual sack full of lead soldiers, each leaving a welt to your smug face.

This is easily the favourite cathartic, noise punk album of the year. A solid gold brick of triumph for these guys whose reward should be the accolades of this very endeavour.

Words by Nick Palmisano