Thursday 17 November 2016

Poste 942 - Extended Play² (EP Review)

Release date: June 15th 2016. Label: Self Release. Format: CD/DD

Extended Play² – Tracklisting

1.49.3 02:39
2.Devil's Complaint 03:42
3.Opium for the Masses 02:52

Band Members:

Seb - Right Guitar
Jay - Left Guitar
Seb - Voices
Ludo - Bass
Nico - Drums


Poste 942's new EP – Extended Play 2 – isn't the most original thing you'll ever hear but the band pull this with massive charm that you'll soon find yourself lost in the overall fun of it all. Poste 942 play a Punk/Grunge/Stoner Rock kinda sound though mixed with a cool and vibrant Retro Rock feel.

The EP only runs for 9 mins but it's huge fun and the guys know how to write a fast-paced Stoner riff where they put a lot of anger into the mix. Devil's Compliant is perhaps the standout track and it shows these guys have an ear for raucous melodies and spiky lyrics to match. Imagine if QOTSA were influenced by Punk Rock as this is the twisted result.

I do want to hear a more substantial release from the band in the future as 9 mins is not enough. It's too short to make a lasting impression of the band. Though for now they have my attention. Check them out.

Words by Steve Howe


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