Wednesday 4 January 2017

Albinö Rhino - Upholder (Album Review)

Release date: December 09th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

Upholder – Tracklisting

1.Uphold the Light Part 2 20:47
2.Uphold the Light Part 3 feat. Scott Heller 15:43
3.Upholder (Uncut Part 2 + Part 3) 36:23

Band Members

Viljami Väre: Drums.
Kimmo Tyni: Guitar, Lead Vocals.
Ville Harju: Bass, Lead Vocals.


I'm ashamed to say I didn't know anything about Albinö Rhino before I listened to Upholder. Which is a damn shame as I normally go crazy over bands like Albinö Rhino. I did my research before listening to Upholder. I listened to their previous records - Return Of The Goddess and their self titled album. I was impressed with both records and their style of Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal.

Though it's Uploader they impressed me the most as the band start to move out of the shadows to create heavy original sounds of their own. Albinö Rhino have wisely shared the two part version of the album and the full 37 minute version. There's not much difference between both versions though it's always good to have a choice of which track(s) you want to listen to.

I'm writing my review on the full 37 minute version as I feel that's how the album should be viewed as.

Upholder in essence feels like an out of body experience. As Albinö Rhino create solitary moments of psychedelic doom with strands of soothing ambient sounds that allows the band to create Pelican style post-metal riffs. Though I've seen the guys compared to Sungrazer and Colour Haze recently. That isn't too far away from the truth but it's when Albinö Rhino embrace their Doom/Stoner Metal roots they start to forge their own unique identity.

Upholder is one of those experiences that linger long in the memory. The instrumental work can be quite frantic at times but one that has actual purpose. The swirling psychedelic ambient sounds add a sinister distorted level that may put some people off. So be prepared for sonic experimentation as Albinö Rhino aren't your straight-forward Doom/Stoner Metal band.

The vocals are impressive from the start when they actually appear. Though it's the riffs that people will be most impressed with. Uploader is quite a challenging album to listen to at times. Though you will richly be rewarded with each listen of the album. As you start to fully understand the complex rhythms and vocals contained within the album. A truly stunning album.

Words by Steve Howe