Thursday 5 January 2017

Mangog - Mangog Awakens (Album Review)

Release date: January 09th 2017. Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD

Mangog Awakens – Tracklisting

1.Time Is a Prison
3.Ab Intra
4.Of Your Deceit
6.Modern Day Concubine
7.A Tongue Full of Lies
8.Daydreams Within Nightmares
9.Eyes Wide Shut

Band Members

Myke Wells-Vocals
Bert Hall, Jr.-Guitars, vocals, devices
Darby Cox-Basses
Mike Rix-Drums


Mangog’s debut album – Mangog Awakens – is a style of classic Doom Metal with more modern Hard Rock/Metal sounds with the band on inspired form from the start. Opening track – Time Is A Prison has a distinctive grunge feel with the familiar moments of classic doom metal riffs. Lead vocalist Myke has such a rich and commanding presence that you can’t but help listen to what he says with his deep passionate vocals. The riffs have a heavy pounding feel with the volume being quite loud at times. That’s no bad thing as Mangog prove collectively what a powerful unit they really are.

Second track – Meld – is a more fast-paced with some cool Stoner grooves starting to appear. The song has a slightly distorted raw feel but it’s a good sound as it’s not too over produced. The heavy intricate drumming is perhaps one of the standout parts of the song as the guitars feel too subdued at times. Myke’s vocals are clear and on point with intelligent lyrics to match.

Third track – Ab Intra – sees Mangog play a more classic style of doom metal with psych and occult style riffs. The band spice things up by writing bleak lyrics that play superbly well against the expertly played riffs. Though Mangog don’t mind speeding things up a bit by adding moments of fast and furious Heavy Metal. This is one of the standout tracks on the album and it shows what Mangog are really about.

Fourth track – Of Your Deceit – is a very cold, slow and depressing track with the lyrics slowly building up a gloomy atmosphere. Myke’s or Bert’s vocals (I’m not sure. Sorry) are more theatrical this time and it’s a very cool change of pace.

The other tracks on the album follow the same path with Mangog paying homage to their musical heroes past and present. Other great songs to check out are: Into Infamy, Daydreams Within Nightmares and Eyes Wide Sheet. Mangog experiment with their sound with the band even adding moments of Funk Rock to the album.

Mangog Awakens is a hugely entertaining that never outstays it welcome. It’s a very cool sounding album packed with fresh ideas and sounds. Argonauta Records are onto another winner here but this is Mangog’s show and they deliver on all counts. Superb lyrics and riffs that will not only keep true Doom Metal fans entertained but the more casual fan as well. Mangog have indeed Awakened with an action packed and stunning album.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Barbara at NeeCee Agency and Gero at Argonauta Records for the promo. Mangog Awakens will be available to buy on CD/DD via Argonauta Records from Jan 9th 2017.