Monday 16 January 2017

NASDAQ / Mothertrucker - A Bulletin From The Department For Transport and Finance (Split Album Review)

Release date: February 01st 2017. Label: Field Records, SuperFi Records & DG Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

A Bulletin From The Department For Transport and Finance – Tracklisting


NASDAQ - Band Members

Edward Troup - Bass Guitar
Dan Bridgwood Hill - Electric Guitar
Liam Stewart - Drum Kit

Mothertrucker – Band Members

Charles Butler - guitar
Chris Scrivens - guitar
Tom Moffat - bass
Bruce Goodenough - drums


I didn't know what to expect from a split album called A Bulletin From The Department For Transport and Finance. This is a split EP by two supremely heavy as hell Doom/Stoner Rock Bands from the UK. NASDAQ and Mothertrucker.

NASDAQ haven't released anything in six years so hearing some new material since their 2011 release - AGM​/​Fourth Quarter Slump. They have teamed up with Doom/Stoner Collective – Mothertrucker who have been playing together since 2004. How these guys aren't more well known especially after releasing a few well received albums over the years.

Anyway back to - A Bulletin From The Department For Transport and Finance. So what do you expect. Well NASDAQ and Mothertrucker create a heavy instrumental and moody world with the 3 tracks on offer here. NASDAQ are primarily Post-Rock/Doom/Ambient with one eye firmly on jam-based rock. Their solitary track Collateral (Damaged) is a heavy and very cold affair with the band playing riffs reminiscent of early-Russian Circles with a twinge of Earthless Psychedelic Rock.

NASDAQ have a much more purpose and soulful delivery compared to Mothertrucker. A glorious 15 minute track that I wish was on longer as the band draw you in with precise drumming and bombastic riffs.

Mothertrucker are you more familiar kind of Doom/Stoner Metal band with shades of Black Sabbath and Kyuss influencing the band a great deal. You can hear moments of classic Post-Rock sounds in the background. Mothertrucker's two tracks will appeal most to the traditional Doom/Stoner Metal fan.

The band still impress with their 18 minutes in the spotlight especially with Saved By The Belgian. A raucous and trippy affair with perhaps some of the loudest moments that Mothertrucker have created to date. Mothertrucker experiment with their sound by adding moments of dronish post-rock when merged with the heavier doom based moments.

A Bulletin From The Department For Transport and Finance is an surreal audio experience that allows two great bands to show the Doom/Stoner Metal world they can create intelligent and haunting progressive riffs that linger on in the memory. If you want to hear something different and possibly challenging from the Instrumental Rock world. Look no further as NASDAQ and Mothertrucker have created an unmissable record. Plain and Simple.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Charlie from Mothertrucker for the promo. A Bulletin From The Department For Transport and Finance will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl via Field Records, SuperFi Records & DG Records from February 1st 2017.

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