Saturday 7 January 2017

Shadow Giant - Honkytonk On The Moon (Album Review)

Release date: January 07th 2017. Label: Self Released Format: DD

Honkytonk on the Moon – Tracklisting

1.Dan-O Heads West 04:41
2.Monty Ran for Beer 03:54
3.Vir Antiquus 04:46
4.Spiro Agnew 07:07
5.Suckass Paycheck 07:40

Band Members

J. Harrison-Guitar/Vocals
David Carroll-Drums
Byron Daniel-Guitar/Vocals
Tim Weaver-Bass


You ever wondered what ZZ Top would sound like if they were a Sludge/Southern Rock band. Nope. Shame. As these guys have a certain ZZ Top vibe within their music.

Shadow Giant's debut album – Honkytonk On The Moon – has a certain rebellious Southern Rock streak throughout the album. With heavier moments of Doom and Stoner Rock to spice things up. Opening track - Dan-O Heads West – is a groovy Southern Rock number with the band creating heavy riffs that shouldn't really work but Shadow Giant pull this off with style.

Second track – Monty Ran For Beer – is a more Sludge Rock number with the riffs being played at a slow pace. The vocals are very cool and they have a nice contrast to the heavy riffs. Maybe the guys could have played a little bit faster though the song would perhaps have a very different feel.

The final 3 tracks – Vir Antiquus, Spiro Agnew and Suckass Paycheck – is where the Southern Rock sounds are left behind and the band play heavier Sludge/Doom/Stoner based sounds. The lyrics are adequate for the most part. Though it's the music that holds your attention. The final two tracks – Sprio Agnew and Suckass Paycheck – is where Shadow Giant become more confident with their musical surrounding as they provide perhaps the albums most exciting and heaviest moments.

All in all, Honkytonk On The Moon is a highly promising debut album from Shadow Giant. It would have been cool if the band included a few more songs as this is far too short. Don't let that put you off from listening to this superb release. Shadow Giant are a band that you should all check out.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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