Wednesday 18 January 2017

Black Cat Bones - Down To The River (EP Review)

Release date: October 2016. Label: Broken Road Records LTD. Format: CD/DD

Down To The River – Tracklisting

Seen Better Days
Give You The World
Devil You Know
The River

Band Members

Jonnie Hodson - Lead Vocals / Harmonica
Alan Rimmer - Lead Guitar / Rhythm Guitar
Adam Kerbache - Rhythm Guitar / Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Ash Janes - Drums / Backing Vocals
Jamie Hayward - Bass / Backing Vocals


UK Blues/Sleaze/Hard Rockers – Black Cat Bones – debut EP – Down To The River is a change of pace from the usual stuff we review here at the blog. This is a sleazy/hard rock kind of sound. The 5 track EP is packed full of grooves and will appeal to fans of the classic 80's Hard Rock scene.

Opening track – Seen Better Days – has a soulful groove that The Answer would be proud to call their own with a huge dash of “HAIR METAL” riffage. Lead vocalist Jonnie has a blues rock orientated sound but he's backed up by almost the full band on backing vocals. The riffs come thick and fast with Black Cat Bones impressing from the start.

Second track – Lust – is a dirty blues rock number with some the lyrics taking a more sleazy turn compared to the opening track. This is perhaps the standout track on the EP. Heavy based guitars spliced with the classic Sunset Strip sound which comes at you with expert delivery.

Third track – Give You The World – was a major surprise as the band have written a track with a political and social message. Dennis Skinner (best do some research on the internet folks. UK Politician) soundclip open the song with the soon returning to heavier hard rock riffs. It's a different change of pace even though the music sounds the same as the opening two tracks. Top marks for the band doing something different with their music.

The final two tracks – Devil You Know and The River – sees the band return to their Sleaze/Hard Rock dirty riff ways. The Blues Rock aspect of the band comes out the most with Devil You Know but you can't keep a good band down from playing the heavier destructive sounds.

Down To The River is masterful and highly confident EP from Black Cat Bones. It shows a band with a lot of promise. The Classic/Blues/Hard Rock world have a bright hope with these guys.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe