Sunday 22 January 2017

Tvsk - Learn To Die (Album Review)

Release date: January 13th 2017 Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Learn To Die – Tracklisting

1.Blood Sun 10:29
2.Iron Mountain 11:43
3.Interlude 00:57
4.War Caravan 15:33

Band Members

Justin Dimig: Bass/Vocals
Nick Baumgartner: Drums/Vocals


Tvsk's 2nd album – Learn To Die – shows the band's appreciation and respect for bands such as High On Fire. OM, Neurosis and Sleep. As the sound is influenced by those legendary bands. Tvsk play heavy monolithic and slow paced riffs that has a slight depressing feel to them. What else would you expect from an album called – Learn To Die. The vocals from both Justin and Nick are primal throughout.

Opening track - Blood Sun – is played deliberately slow as it allows Tvsk to play depressing down-tuned riffs. Tvsk revel in their depressing state. As the atmosphere is bleak throughout. You can expect to hear riffs that are influenced by Sleep's classic album Dopesmoker.

Second track – Iron Mountain – sees Tvsk opt for a slightly faster style of Doom/Stoner Metal madness. Fans of OM will experience a big thrill from this song especially with the vocals. Tvsk add a more gloomier element to their music with strands of psychedelic riffs making an appearance. With this being drum/bass duo, you don't actually miss the standard electric guitar. As this song oozes style especially with the heavier riffs merged with the quieter parts of the album.

Third track – Interlude – is very cool 57 second instrumental riff but it doesn't bring anything exciting or original to the album. Tvsk could have easily left this song off the album.

The real showstopper is the excellent 4th track – War Caravan. This is where Tvsk impress the most. It starts off with a slowly played ambient style sound with Doom based chanting vocals. John Carpenter style syntbs add a slightly creepy vibe before the heavy riffs appear around the 6 minute mark. The progressive delivery gives Tvsk more confidence to experiment with their sound and the epic riffs that do appear make this the standout track on the album.

Learn To Die is a superb debut album. Sure the band do ride their luck when playing similar riffs to Sleep and OM at times. Though they're not the first band to do this. Nor will they be the last. If your running out of patience waiting for the next Sleep album to be released then Learn To Die is the album for you.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe