Tuesday 10 January 2017

Bantha Rider - S/T (EP Review)

Release date: January 07th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

Bantha Rider – Self Titled – Tracklisting

1.Sandcrawler 06:19
2.Uta tuta Solo (Greedo's Funeral) 05:58
3.Jawa Juice 08:59
4.Sarlacc's Pit 05:32

Band Members



Bantha Rider are an Instrumental Sludge/Stoner Metal band influenced by Star Wars and Weed. And Why Not I suppose. Star Wars is perhaps one of the greatest movies to create a Sludge/Stoner record upon. It's full of crazy visions, ideas and awesome sounds. Though Bantha Rider take a more sensible approach to their music. So don't go expecting full on crazy lightsabre sounds.

Imagine Karma To Burn venturing into a heavier sci-fi realm and that's what you get with Bantha Rider. It's a very cool EP with the band playing heavy distorted sounds. It flows surprisingly well with the band creating cool riffs of their own. Sandcrawler and Jawa Juice are the two standout tracks here with heavy progressive style sludge/stoner metal. The production is very good indeed though the drumming has a very raw sound which could have done with more work. I'm not criticizing Art's performance. He's a very good drummer indeed and he plays his part in creating an exciting EP to entertain the crowd with.

It would have been cool if the band included some soundclips here and there from the Star Wars Universe. Though the Walt Disney Company will come down on their asses with a huge lawsuit and we don't want that.

If Star Wars ever decided to go down the Weedian/Stoner Route then this is what the soundtrack would be. Heavy distorted and rough as hell with Bantha Rider adding more evidence to the eternal argument – WHO SHOT FIRST? - Han Or Greedo. Though they're definitely on Han Solo's side especially with the second track - Uta tuta Solo (Greedo's Funeral). It's a murky and heavy instrumental affair with it's roots definitely in Sludge Metal territory.

Bantha Rider's debut EP is a great EP to check out. You don't have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy this. Just ignore the Star Wars mythology and embrace the heavy Sludge/Stoner Riffs the band have created here. I don't know if Bantha Rider could release a full length album based on Star Wars. Though I would love to be proven wrong. All in all this is an exciting debut EP from the band.

Words by Steve Howe