Saturday 21 January 2017

The Ossuary - Post Mortem Blues (Album Review)

Release date: January 27th 2017. Label: Supreme Chaos Records. Format: CD/DD

Post Mortem Blues – Tracklisting

Black Curse
Witch Fire
Blood On The Hill
Graves Underwater
Post Mortem Blues
The Crowning Stone
Evil Churns
The Great Beyond

Band Members

Stefano Fiore: vocals
Domenico Mele: guitars
Dario DeFalco: bass
Max Marzocca: drums


Italian Blues/Doom Rockers - The Ossuary debut album - Post Mortem Blues - is flowing with classic seventies Doom Metal swagger and traditional Heavy Metal sounds. The vocals are steeped between NWOBHM style delivery and the more familiar Doomier moments. The Ossuary adds moments of Psychedelic Rock that gives their music a raw edge. Opening track - Black Curse - is a bleak affair with lead vocalist Stefano offering an almost creepy and OTT operatic performance. It's a cool idea as his vocals give extra weight to this album. 

The riffs are nicely played throughout and even though there over-played at times, they never outstay their welcome. The lyrics are your standard Doom/Occult style variety but they offer a few chills along the way. Second track - Witch Fire - has a riff reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult at time with the traditional Doom based vocals creating a doom and gloom atmosphere. The Ossuary plays some impressive twin-guitar riff worship reminiscent of Thin Lizzy at times. I can hear shades of Iron Maiden on this song. 

The album is primarily a Doom Metal album but it's good to hear The Ossuary including a wider range of different influences. It gives the album a much broader appeal than your usual standard Doom Metal sound.

The production is very good indeed. Nothing too flash. Just the right amount of depth and volume for the album to reach its natural conclusion. The Ossuary impress the most on their more epic songs - Graves Underwater and Evil Churns. As they have more time to create heavier and progressive riffs. Very grand in parts but that's I what I enjoyed most about the album.

As The Ossuary are willing to experiment with their sound and not be defied by genre conventions. The album can be challenging to listen to at times though in a good way. Post Mortem Blues is a well-crafted debut album and offers a different perspective within the Doom Metal scene. The album has a classical and theatrical feel with the gloomy psychedelic moments appearing on the album.

The Ossuary is a band well versed in both classic doom metal and traditional heavy metal riffs. Post Mortem Blues offers the perfect balance between the two different sounds but still showing a few hidden surprises along the way.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe