Saturday 25 March 2017

Sparrowmilk - Articles Of Separation (Album Review)

Release date: February 15th 2017. Label: Kultland Recordings. Format: CD/DD

Articles Of Separation – Tracklisting

1.Mars in the 7th House 06:11
2.Western Reserve 05:40
3.Book of Armaments 08:43
4.Sons of Neptune 06:53
5.Black Night Satellite 08:14
6.Wolf Egg 08:28
7.Hollow Moon 09:41
8.Erie Depths 07:44
9.Teeth of the Hound 04:58


Tomasz Scull (drums)
Erin Corcoran (bass & sounds)
Joe Fortunato (guitar & sounds)


Sparrowmilk is comprised of members of Venomin James, Ancient Vvisdom and Doomstress. However these guys are purely an instrumental doom metal band with moments of psychedelic rock and sludge metal appearing on their epic debut album – Articles Of Separation

Sure the album maybe slightly overlong but if you're a fan of progressive instrumental doom metal then Sparrowmilk have a few surprises on this superb album. Most of the tracks follow the same pattern with the band performing progressive doom/sludge grooves with a few spaced out riffs appearing here and there.

The first few songs - Mars In The 7th House, Western Reserve, and Book Of Amendments – sees Sparrowmilk play their heavy thunderous riffs that have a grizzled feel to them. The instrumental work is brilliantly progressive at times as the band create some fantastic fuzzy psychedelic space rock moments.

Sparrowmilk have quite a talent for playing straight-forward heavy doom based rock to the more aggressive Sludge/Post-Metal style environments that appear on later parts of the album. Other great tracks to check out are: Sons Of Neptune, Wolf Egg, Hollow Moon and Erie Depths.

The production of the album is very good indeed as you can feel the doom and gloom atmospherics held on the album. It's cool that the band included Kent Stump (Wo Fat) to master the album. It gives the album an extra layer of Doom/Stoner Metal credibility.

Maybe the band could have left a couple songs off the album as it runs past the 65 minute mark. Though if you're in the mood for an exciting and action packed ride then this is the album for you. It's good to see Sparrowmilk have their own sound and are not copying from other instrumental bands within the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal scene.

Articles Of Separation is a must have album. No question. Check these guys out now.

Words by Steve Howe


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