Monday 6 March 2017

Enamel Animal - Unfaith (Album Review)

Release date: February 2nd 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Unfaith – Tracklisting

1.Surrender Reverence 06:12
2.War Machine 03:14
3.Horrified 03:50
4.I Love Creationists 01:54
5.Death To The Destroyer 02:56
6.Greetings Earthlings 05:18
7.The Thousand Years 06:43
8.Red Is For Danger 04:09
9.Eintracht 05:25
10.A Praying Mantis Does Not Pray 04:57
11.Unfaith 06:35

Band Members

Philip Collier
Barry McKeown
Glen Ashworth
Ryan Mallows


Liverpool Psych Grunge Rockers – Enamel Animal – have a freakish spaced and psyched out sound of their own. Their debut album Unfaith has elements of Stoner Rock along with a few moments of dark delicious pop vibes as well.

Opening track – Surrender Reverence – is a fast-paced number with the band blending 90s Grunge/Space Rock with a more hard hitting modern Stoner Rock sound. The vocals add a highly confident touch with them veering more to the grungier musical spectrum.

Second track – War Machine – has a classic Foo Fighters sound in parts though the band remain heavy throughout this song. The heavy spaced out melodies prove that Enamel Animal are serious about their music. When the heavy distorted vocals appear the band move further away into the the realm of Stoner Metal. It's a very cool and intriguing idea as the band don't settle for one sound. They play a wide mix of different elements that you will find very hard to ignore.

Third track – I Love Creationists – is perhaps when the band add biting social commentary to their music. This is more of a psychedelic grunge/hard rock number as the band create an environment that I used to go crazy for back in my younger years in the 1990's. Yeah, I maybe showing my age now but this album has a very timeless feel to it.

I'm not going to review every track on the album as there's 11 songs in total. I would be here all day. Though I will say that Unfaith is an album will take a few listens to fully appreciate. As Enamel Animal may not feel like a Progressive Rock band but there are moments when they add elements of Prog Rock to their music.

With the album having a dark pop sensibility at times, some people maybe put off by the more softer moments but you don't have to wait for long the more heavier riffs to appear. Especially on songs such as Death To The Destroyer, The Thousand Years, A Praying Mantis Does Not Pray and Unfaith.

Enamel Animal have released an album that doesn't play it safe. It's quite an adventurous album with the band changing musical direction on perhaps all of the songs. Though it has quite an addictive quality that you will find very hard to beat.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe