Thursday 30 March 2017

PROTOTYPER - Wounds (EP Review)

Release date: March 24th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Wounds – Tracklisting

1.Impetus 04:21
2.Dog Days 04:16
3.Wounds 05:18
4.Undertow 05:09
5.Be Afraid 04:24


Martin X. Forster
J├╝rgen Baue
Christoph Schwaiger


Noise/Sludge Rock collective – Prototyper have just released their new EP – Wounds. It's a collection of tracks that blend Noise Rock, Stoner Rock with a heavy dose of Alternative Rock and Sludge grooves that allows Wounds to become something of heavy beast at times.

Opening track – Impetus – has some fine moments of Post-Rock riffage with psychedelic noises allowing Prototyper to create heavy moments of Tool-esque progressive sounds. The vocals are handled superbly well.

Second track – Dog Days – opts for a more Alternative/Stoner Rock sound with the Sludge Rock vibes appearing later on. It's quite fast paced and sometimes it lacks focus compared to the opening track. Though Prototyper soon pull things round for an exciting finish with some nicely played heavy noise rock vibes being played at a fast pace.

Third track – Wounds – is perhaps where Prototyper create the standout track on the EP as they create a wide range of different sounds that is firmly in the realm of Alternative/Stoner Rock with elements of Post-Rock making an appearance again. The Tool influence is there lurking in the background but Prototyper show they can create their own sound when they play a more refined progressive and psychedelic sound.

The final two tracks – Undertow and Be Afraid – offer a more dream-like and noise rock driven sound especially with Undertow. It's a trippy affair with the band taking their time in creating slowly played riffs. Though the band soon return to the EP's earlier heavier sounds. Be Afraid is pure Noise Rock territory as Prototyper change the mood of the EP yet again. It's good to see that the band have written 5 songs that sound vastly different to each other. As it makes their overall sound very hard to categorize.

Overall, Wounds is a very well produced and satisfying EP to listen to. Prototyper are a band that are definitely worth your time as you will pleasantly be surprised by what's on offer here.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe